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  • Sandy - Cute!

    This book is adorable. It is a small padded board book that is an ideal size for my one yr old. The pictures are bright and vivid. Would definitely buy again as a gift.

  • Amazon Customer - A great quick fix for nicked and scratched wood.

    I had been eyeing a dresser set at World Market for a couple years, but I'm some what of a cheapskate, so I never made the purchase. I ended up getting lucky and finding the set for 1/4 of the price on Craigslist, but it was nicked and scratched, so much so that I thought I would have to refinish each piece. Since I had good luck with Howard products in the past, I decided to give this a try and am SO happy that I did. After using it, the pieces look 100% better. It didn't cover some of the bigger scratches, but I don't mind a slightly "rustic" look. It is easy to use (I applied it with 0000 steel wool) and the end result is amazing. The wood finish is a deep mahogany, but I used the "Ebony" color and am glad I did.

  • Amis - Dangerous

    Tastes horrible. I almost got suckered into buying this from someone who works for this company. I went with my gut, said I'd do some research first and came home and did just that. I didn't like what I found. It's an MLM scam. What's more concerning is that not all the ingredients are listed in terms of amount, especially with the one ingredient the company puts so much emphasis on...morenge. That artificial taste...stevia and "other sweeteners" but they won't disclose what. The person trying to sell to me was even trying to tell me it cures ADD and autism and that I should give it to my kids! There are message boards where people tak about how this drink put them in the hospital. The company reps will tell you, "well that's because you are detoxing".....not true. You are having a reaction and this stuff is not good for you. Do yourself a favor and skip on this product. The company is shady and the product is dangerous.