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Premier Podiatry - Marietta, GA | Podiatrist - Premier Podiatry located in Marietta, GA is proud to offer orthotic treatment for heel pain and ankle injury - foot and ankle surgery procedures also offered.

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  • Suzy Smith - Glitches not being fixed

    Several major glitches still have not been fixed in this program. When addressing envelopes, you have to input from scratch a return address for EVERY envelope. For at least three years now the single fold default envelope does not position the address on the envelope and no return address is written. That means EVERY printing requires changing the envelope selection to the mm size to get it to print. And you have to move the return address more to the center to have it all printed. The 2015 software package makes it difficult to read writing on the computer screen. 2013 was much better. I've been using this software since 2007 and am terribly disappointed that these issues aren't being addressed.

  • John M - Not a Great tv for a low price.

    This TV started out great but after i really sat and watched i noticed alot of judder (jerky/stuttering) this was worse from side to side camera movements. I changed hdmi cables 3 times (monster and audio quest were 2 of them) i even tried my ps4 and of course adjusted all the settings for hours. I finally have given up and im returning it. I dont believe this tv is meant for 4k. Its more like an upper end 1080p. The 60hz refresh just wont cut it. Its not 120 like advertised. I will end up looking for a 240hz. Its not bad until the camera moves quickly and thats when you get blur and judder. Im surprised more people arent complaining about this.

  • 2yourrescue - And not happy about the extra spider veins

    I am 35 and was only taking 1 pill a day as I thought 6 is way too excessive. It did help some but then I started getting spider veins on my legs, and the ones I already had were more noticeable. Then on my face and eye lids as well. Then to my horror, one morning I noticed that I had started bleeding from my rectum! Very scary! I stopped taking them and the bleeding stopped, but I am still not going to the bathroom as often as I use to. I will never take this product again! Not worth it! And not happy about the extra spider veins.

  • A. Hernando - This was recommended by my doctor and it really works for me

    I have been taking D-hist for about 3 years now. I take it as soon as allergy season sets in. This was recommended by my doctor and it really works for me. Although this is not a medicine that you take when you start feeling sick and you will magically feel better. This is a supplement that assists in protecting you from whatever is in the air that causes you to sneeze, cough and brings about that nasty nasal drip that could turn into a cold. So I normally take this mid September before I even start sneezing and continue to take it until end of October.

  • barbara a stone - Loved it but it left me flat.

    When it worked it was amazing. We had a great marriage this flashlight and I. It failed. A Fenix light that does not shine is a nicely constructed piece of aluminum and I don't need that I need light. It just does not work any more; less than thirty days into this relationship. First the selector switch failed to select, then the on off went out a day later. I treated it right, used it sparingly, did not drop it,and it left me flat. No tortured goodbye it just flickered and died. Right now I am sketchy about ordering another PD32UE but may get another Fenix product. It is a lot of money for what turned out to be nothing. Perhaps one bad apple in the bushel? There was another review wondering about the durability of the switch, is this the answer? Amazon thankfully will provide a refund otherwise I would feel terrible.

  • Drew V - rated one of best anti-virus of 2014

    Since purchasing the initial 3 licenses for $9.99, I have bought 6 more licenses at $20 and $21. I didn't even realize what a good deal $9.99 was at the time. Anyway, its a solid product, light of system resources, and has lots of protection. The only drawback I can think of is that once you activate the first copy, the other two activation begins also. So once you install one, install the other two ASAP for max value.