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Plunkett Cooney | Michigan Law Firm | Illinois | Indiana | Ohio | Attorneys | Lawyers - Plunkett Cooney is a Michigan law firm with offices in Illinois, Indiana and Ohio and attorneys practicing in litigation, corporate, appellate, commercial litigation, insurance law, construction, environmental, medical liability, trusts and estate planning, municipal, administrative and regulatory, real estate, banking and finance, and healthcare.

  • http://www.plunkettcooney.com/firm-work.html Our Work: Plunkett Cooney | Michigan Law Firm | Illinois | Indiana | Ohio | Attorneys | Lawyers - Since 1913, Plunkett Cooney has had the distinct privilege of representing a growing and diverse family of clients. Today, our practice has expanded to include offices in nine Michigan cities, Columbus, Ohio and Indianapolis, Indiana. This network allows us to offer a full range of legal services and to effectively and efficiently represent our clients across a large geographic area.

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  • Amazon Customer - Must buy

    Love this dog house. I would say it's a mansion for my two Miniature Schnauzers. It's really easy to snap together (the instructions are more complicated). The roof snaps off for easy cleansing. Like I said, I bought it for my two Schanuzers, for them it's a great house, pretty big and comfortable. Maybe for a bigger dog it would not be sturdy enough.

  • Jessica - Great and Easy to use Salt/Pepper grinder

    It's a little bigger than we thought it would be, but it's very easy to use. You really can grind with one hand, which I was skeptical of before it arrived. My kids can even do it one handed. There's a rubber cover on top and all you do is peel it back to fill it up. So far we've only used salt in it, but you can do pepper as well. It's definitely worth the price. We haven't washed it yet but it looks like it will be easy to clean too. We'll be purchasing another so we can have both salt and pepper.

  • Common Sense - Model not worth the money, Disappointed- Seller shipped quickly, smooth transaction.

    I had a 1/3 HP InSinkErator Badger which is a "lesser" model. The Badger performed much better than this model. The badger always took whatever I threw at it, even when cleaning out the refrigerator. The Badger was noticeably quieter than this model and had far less vibration. The new model also comes with a new baffle which is designed to make the disposal quieter by forming a noise barrier made of water. I found it doesn't work all that well and stops up too much water and food has to manually be pushed down. It seems to always have food stuck in the baffle. Annoying! The rubber is far too stiff to operate correctly. The badger is made from galvanized steel which corrodes. This model (Evolution) is made from stainless steel. My Badger corroded and started to leak water out of small holes from the grind chamber. My badger was estimated to be 13+ years old. It was in the home when I bought it 13 years ago. I even liked it so much, I kept it after renovating my kitchen and reinstalled it. If I purchase a disposal in the future it will be a Badger model they now offer in stainless steel. (Badger 15SS) The best of both worlds. Badger 15ss is $135.00 and I spent $174.00 for the evolution. Or $74.93 will get me exactly what I had, a Badger 1 model.

  • Hapimama - Love this book!

    Really love this book! Am learning alot! Wish I knew this stuff 20 years ago! But at least i'm trying to educate myself now.

  • dfauquier - Last Days

    Book arrived in excellent condition. The author reaches an acceptable conclusion. The reference to 2012 relates to the Mayan prophesies. Insightful analysis.

  • Amazon Customer - Low on mystery and suspense, but filled with the usual fun characters

    There's not much challenge to be had in An Obvious Fact for Walt and his supporting cast. There are bad guys, but they never have a chance. There are mysterious events, but they're not happening to anybody we care about. That all sounds bad, but the characters save the book. If you view the book simply as a vessel for delivering entertaining interactions between some of the best characters in the genre, the book is a success. These characters are great fun to read about, even when they're not breaking a sweat.