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Pistruiatu - Recreem si rememoram jucariile epocii de aur din anii 80 ai comunismului! Daca iti aduci aminte de: prastia cu invizoaice, tunul cu carbid ori coarda, atunci avem ceva in comun!

Country:, Europe, NL

City: 4.8995 , Netherlands

  • Amazon Customer - Great to do squats again!

    After free weight squatting for many years my knees had finally had it. There was too much pain to squat anymore. So I began a search to find something that would allow me to work my legs. I bought the most expensive Bowflex (because of the squat attachment) and later the Soloflex Rockitt. The Bowflex was ok, easy on the knees (wearing level II support) but after a short while there wasn't enough resistance. 410 pounds of Bowflex power rods just didn't cut it. So I tried and then bought the Soloflex Rockitt. The Rockitt is not bad and I can honestly say it's a good leg workout. But it's not quite free weight squats.

  • greyhoundude - What can I say? It worked

    I had a very small (maybe 10 drops on my garage floor overnight) leak coming from the top of my radiator. After my Honda dealership confirmed that there was a leak and quoted me a replacement price of $625, I decided to spend a few bucks on this stuff. The reviews weren't terrible, so I gave it a shot. Followed the directions, only used half the bottle, and it did not stop the leak on day one. Day two and the leak disappeared. Three weeks later and still no leak. Believe me, I will update this review if needed, but so far so good.

  • Joe Davis - Size is good but quality is not

    Size is good but quality is not. Once I put it on I went to unscrew it and it came apart. I just decided to leave it on for the look.