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  • Matt - Very noticeable field of view improvement

    Solid and easy to install. I keep looking out the windshield and noticing that the antenna is gone. I didn't think it would be such a noticeable improvement! I never realized how distracting the original antenna was. Happy!

  • Mtz. Family - Super bright and will save you tons on the electric bill. +++++

    This are awesome in front of your house lighting up the pathway to your front door. I found this to be very bright at night. My house is located in a area that there's no light pole. So I needed to find a way so other people can find my house at night. I had lights that I plug in but, it started to cost me a lot on my electric bill. So I needed something that I don't have to plug in in house and that it would last all night but can be rechargeable. So I got this rechargeable stainless steel garden lights. They last up to 8 hours on and they can recharge with the Suns light. I am impressed with the lights. They are also all weather/water resistant. The led light is so bright that I don't have to put them together. I can separate the six lights to cover more of my front yard. The size of each light are perfect that you hardly notice unless it's night. Easy to install in any yard. I didn't have any trouble pushing them in the ground. All in all I'm very impressed and super happy that I got this on my front yard. I totally recommend anybody to purchase this to light up your yard.

  • DeeLight - It's better than Reynolds wrap regular aluminum foil.

    It really does keep the food from sticking. Yes it is even better than Reynolds wrap regular aluminum foil.

  • Melissa - Best To Get You over the Hump!

    OMG! This was all I needed to drop the last few pounds from my previous goal. I finished the bottle and then just maintained my weight. When I am ready to drop my last 10 pounds, I will start taking again.