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  • Hamiltonzth - Feels like cheap junk, performs like god blessed amazingness.

    Alright, so after seeing a lot of streamers talking about this mouse and reading through the feature set I thought that I would give this thing a try. I'm not disappointed at all.

  • Susan Jenkins - The quality of this Bluetooth headset is very good

    cumbersome at all. When I got the head phones I plugged them in to charge, with the included wire and then set it up with no problems at all, all the instructions are included. Then I took the head phones out for a test run. I went out on my bike and used the head phones to make a couple of calls and to listen to music and was very happy with it. It was quite a windy day and I was worried that the people I was calling wouldn?t be able to hear me, but they said they had no problems at all. The sound quality from the headphones is really great. You can use them in very loud areas and they do a very good job reducing background noise. Over all the product is well made and I would recommend it for anyone looking for so,e quality headphones.

  • TC79 - Pretty Decent; ordered more

    I like this product.I am only 32/f and have seen some thinning at the hair line when my bangs are pulled back or in a "poof". I have very long, thick hair that does look good when its down and my bangs are down, but if I wear my hair back I feel like my forehead looks large or high and was very uncomfortable with it, so Ive been using this product for approx 4 wks 1-2 times a day and I have seen little baby hairs start to come in. Now its not an amazing amount, but I figure any new growth I can get or any of the hair I can keep near my hairline Ill take and keep using the product that made that happen, so I just ordered a new bottle earlier this week!