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Global Regulatory Affairs Leader | GENPACT Pharmalink - Pharmalink Consulting is the leader in global regulatory affairs working across the major healthcare sectors

  • http://www.pharmalinkconsulting.com/regulatory_affairs/about/ Healthcare Regulatory Affairs | FDA Regulations Specialists - Pharmalink Consulting is the No 1 choice for sustainable outsourcing for all Regulatory Affairs requirements.
  • http://www.pharmalinkconsulting.com/regulatory_affairs/about/about-regulatory-affairs/ FDA Regulatory Affairs | Global Regulatory Compliance Experts - Pharmalink Consulting, 1.800.434.5808 - Regulatory affairs plays a vital role in ensuring safe and effective healthcare products are available worldwide, and
  • http://www.pharmalinkconsulting.com/about/why-pharmalink/ Regulatory Affairs Services | Healthcare Regulatory Consulting - Pharmalink Consulting - 1.800.434.5808. The Number One choice for sustainable outsourcing for all Regulatory Affairs requirements. Pharmalink Consulting can
  • http://www.pharmalinkconsulting.com/about/our-values/ Pharmalink Consulting | Biotech & Pharma Regulatory Affairs - Our rigorous recruitment process and attention to your requirements ensure that you get the best professionals in every field of Regulatory Affairs, anywhere in
  • http://www.pharmalinkconsulting.com/about/case-studies/ Medical Regulatory Affairs Consulting | Medical Devices FDA - Pharmalink Consulting 1.800.434.5808 - Pharmalink Consulting delivers bespoke Regulatory Affairs solutions to the healthcare industry, anywhere in the world.
  • http://www.pharmalinkconsulting.com/about/corporate-social-responsibility/ Corporate Responsibility Regulatory Compliance | Pharmalink Consulting - Pharmalink Consulting, 1.800.434.5808 - Set up in 2006, The Link Foundation is a Maidenhead based children’s charity committed to improving the lives of
  • http://www.pharmalinkconsulting.com/about/awards-accreditations/ Pharmaceutical Regulatory Affairs | Medical Device Corporate Compliance - Pharmalink Consulting, 1.800.434.5808 - Pharmalink Consulting is a proven successful business. The company featured in the UK Times Newspaper Top 100
  • http://www.pharmalinkconsulting.com/regulatory_affairs/services/ Medical Regulatory Consulting | Pharmaceutical Regulatory Affairs - Pharmalink Consulting is the number 1 choice for sustainable outsourcing for all medical regulatory affairs, compliance and requirements.
  • http://www.pharmalinkconsulting.com/regulatory_affairs_services/cmc-manufacturing/ Regulatory Compliance | Drug Products CMS & Manufactoring - Whether Drug Product or Drug Substance, preparation of CTD Modules to ambitious International Quality Compliance initiatives, Pharmalink Consulting’s experience
  • http://www.pharmalinkconsulting.com/regulatory_affairs_services/post-marketing-maintenance/ International Regulatory | EU & US Post-marketing Maintenance - Pharmalink Consulting understands the vital role that Post-Marketing activities play in the product life-cycle.
  • http://www.pharmalinkconsulting.com/regulatory_affairs_services/regulatory-strategy/ Regulatory Strategy | Pharmaceutical Products Approval - Pharmalink Consulting understands the critical importance Regulatory Strategy plays in the quick, effective and efficient approval of pharmaceutical products.
  • http://www.pharmalinkconsulting.com/regulatory_affairs_services/advertising-promotion-labelling/ Pharmaceutical Regulatory | Advertising & Promotion, Labelling - Pharmalink Consulting understands the need for clear and effective communication and adherence to local Regulatory requirements in order to ultimately ensure
  • http://www.pharmalinkconsulting.com/regulatory_affairs_services/filing-expertise/ Regulatory Affairs Filing Submission | IND, CTA, 510k, MAA, DMF - With a Regulatory presence in over 100 countries, Pharmalink Consulting’s global footprint provides a wealth of international filing expertise,
  • http://www.pharmalinkconsulting.com/regulatory_affairs_services/clinical/ Clinical Testing | Pharmaceutical Products Registration | CTD, CTA, - Pharmalink Consulting understands the important role that Clinical Testing plays in the development and successful registration of modern pharmaceutical
  • http://www.pharmalinkconsulting.com/regulatory_affairs_services/regulatory-operations-publishing/ Regulatory Operations & Publishing | eCTD dossier Preparation - Pharmalink Consulting’s experienced Regulatory Operations and Publishing team is able to provide an effective, efficient and cost-effective solution.
  • http://www.pharmalinkconsulting.com/regulatory_affairs_services/non-clinical/ Non-Clinical Studies | Regulatory Strategists & Documentation - Non-Clinical studies, or regulatory strategists for the preparation of associated regulatory documentation,
  • http://www.pharmalinkconsulting.com/regulatory_affairs_services/unique_device_identifier_udi/ Unique Device Identifier Regulations | UDI implementation - The FDA’s new unique device identifier (UDI) regulations present many compliance challenges and new requirements for medical device manufacturers.
  • http://www.pharmalinkconsulting.com/regulatory_affairs_services/regulatory-outsourcing/ Regulatory Affairs Consulting | Sustainable Regulatory Outsourcing - The approval of products is the economic engine that drives life science companies’ profitability and growth. But many organizations spend significant amounts
  • http://www.pharmalinkconsulting.com/regulatory_affairs/healthcare-sectors/ Healthcare Regulatory Affairs | Pharma & Biotech Regulation Consulting - Pharmalink Consulting focuses on providing excellent customer service in the Medical Industry. We pass on our vast knowledge and expertise regarding Regulatory
  • http://www.pharmalinkconsulting.com/healthcare_regulatory_affairs/pharmaceutical/ Pharmaceutical Regulatory Affairs Consultant | Regulatory Experts - At Pharmalink Consulting we can resource any Regulatory Affairs project for the pharmaceutical industry – regardless of size and timescale.
  • http://www.pharmalinkconsulting.com/healthcare_regulatory_affairs/biotech/ Biotechnology Regulatory Affairs | Biotech Medical Regulation Experts - Pharmalink can provide experts with extensive industry experience in the licensing of biologic and biotech medicinal products.
  • http://www.pharmalinkconsulting.com/healthcare_regulatory_affairs/consumer-healthcare/ Pharmaceutical Prescription Drug | OTC Regulation Consulting - Extending the success of a prescription drug by switching to an OTC product has become a natural step to consider for many pharmaceutical manufacturers.
  • http://www.pharmalinkconsulting.com/healthcare_regulatory_affairs/generics/ Generic Medicinal Products | Regulatory Documentation EU & USA - Whether you want to market a generic medicinal product or you have an older molecule that has a well-established use then Pharmalink Consulting can generate all
  • http://www.pharmalinkconsulting.com/healthcare_regulatory_affairs/medical-devices/ Medical Devices Registration | 510k, Class I, II, III Requirements - Pharmalink provides a full range of consulting and contract services for the development and registration of medical devices worldwide.
  • http://www.pharmalinkconsulting.com/regulatory_affairs/products/ Global Regulatory Affairs | Medical Devices & Pharma Compliance - Pharmalink is an expert in the healthcare regulatory affairs field, offering a complete range of tailored products and services to meet the needs of any
  • http://www.pharmalinkconsulting.com/products/blueprint/ Regulatory Planning & Strategy | Regulatory Affairs Consulting - A detailed action plan to get products into your chosen markets giving you a competitive advantage.
  • http://www.pharmalinkconsulting.com/products/source/ Regulatory Affairs Professionals | Regulatory Projects US & EU - Accurately and rapidly sourcing the best Contractors for all your Regulatory Affairs projects through our global network.
  • http://www.pharmalinkconsulting.com/news-press/ Worldwide Regulatory Affairs | FDA Medical Devices Compliance - Pharmalink Consulting is the sustainable choice for outsourcing all your Regulatory Affairs and Requirements issues. We are experts in the area of FDA

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  • OnTheRoad - Excellent Product!

    Fabulous device. Couldn't be simpler to set up and works exactly as described. We keep it in our New England home in winter while we travel south in our RV. So I always know what the temperature is inside the house with a simple online check. I've also tested the alerts by creating an out-of-range condition and it works like a charm. Highly recommended.

  • Amazon Customer - looks great works not so great

    not at all what I expected. all the write ups gave this product rave reviews. although it did heat up very quickly and I was able to use the steamer in under a minute, I was disappointed when i used it on my bathroom floor as it left very noticeable water spots after the floor dried. I'm no neat freak, but I couldn't stand seeing the spots so I went over the floor again and dried it with an old towel to prevent the water spots. I also tried the carpet feature to see how that worked. The micro fiber pad does have a tendency to roll up on you so you have to pay attention when using it in that capacity.

  • Justin - Best electronic purchase of the year

    I am a college student, and this has been the best investment that I have made in my almost 4 years in school. I use my chromebook to view notes that professors post as well as to take notes of my own in google docs. I also use it for web assignments and to browse the internet. I have personally used multiple computers running windows as well as macbooks and this is by far the best computer I have had for these purposes so far. Although it is not a very customizable/powerful computer it gets the job done for these purposes. I can shut my computer down in between every class because the boot time for me is less than 7 seconds! It took me about an hour to get used to google docs and after that I was in love with it.