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  • Nicki Ravenell - Loves this

    Man ima need part 2 asap at first i thought polo was on some ish but he just got his sis back i love maj and drake i was iffy on him first but see he changing i wonder what chinx is planning. I love love love this family i hope this lisa chick is lying and hope maj aint gonna play into her bs

  • Glask Aki - Pleasant and thorough.

    love the many categories and examples, as well as discourse on the authors experience of magic. not many glaring errors in grammar and well organized

  • Drew - Paper quality is fine. Use pens that don't bleed.

    This and Q-Bank are pretty much necessary for Step 1 study materials. I bought this to replace my 2013 version since it had a considerate amount of more pages. The paper quality is comparable - highlight and writing in pages doesn't bleed through (must depend on type of pen). Get Papermate InkJoy since they're cheap, come with a variety of colors, and don't dispense a lot of ink. Off-brand highlighter works fine w/out bleeding.

  • kim henderson - confused!

    I'm on my second bottle of cellfood and I honestly can't say whether it's working or not.I'm am not sure what the cutoff time should be. I have surpassed the"detox" period as I have been on it for a few months. I can't say I have noticed anything different in my energy levels as so many people state in their reviews.I am confused when researching the honesty of the claims by the inventor- is/was it the same product as a drain cleaner?If it does what it claims(or what people are claiming), why did the inventor die of a long standing illness in his early 70's? My hair actually became quite brittle after taking it and I wrote to the company asking if it was a side effect. The reply was very helpful and he took time to write it(no, not a side effect he had heard of). So, I realized I was not taking the actual dose suggested, and upped the dose(hair got better).Again,knowing things take time to work,still on it, but I can't report anything!It also states it kills ecoli on contact, why isn't it everywhere and used in every hospital?

  • Phil Horne, Esq. - For a Child Learning to Sew and No One Else

    My family is front CT which I think is or used to be the headquarters of Singer. We've always used Singers. I did not want to use an old machine because the new ones are easier to thread and, I figured, easier to use. This machine has not been able to handle jean fabric, light leathers (with leather needle), or canvas, and now, six (6) months after purchase, broke down completely and must be serviced. I think the "engine" is gone, and the whole thing will end up in local landfill. Singer should not call this "Heavy Duty." A more apt product description would be "Mattel's 'Barbie Can Sew' Sewing Machine ages 8-12."