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  • satxginger - Cute with skirts

    I chose these shoes to wear with skirts and capris while traveling in Europe. They are comfy but still look cute and not bulky like a regular sneaker.

  • Maisie Leach - This vitamin gave me terrible, ongoing headaches

    This vitamin gave me terrible, ongoing headaches. The day I stopped taking them my headache was gone. It did seem to make my nails and hair grow faster but the headaches were unbearable. Plus they have titanium dioxide in them which is a known carcinogen. I will no longer be taking these.

  • Iris - Half of what it used to be!

    I was alarmed to discover that the calendar was only printed on one side. I thought i had been gypped by a knock-off imitation. Over the past several years I have really enjoyed the extra feature on the back of each cartoon. I checked the reviews and saw that other people were commenting about this, so I realised then that they have just done away with it this year -- cutbacks, I suppose. I love the cartoons (well, not all of them), but I really miss the "bonus" -- please bring it back!! I would seriously consider trying another calendar next year if this extra material is not restored, as for me the value of it has plummeted.

  • James T. - No pc dic code dont work

    No star I ask for the PC dic and all I got was a box with a code that doesn't work it was a waste of time and money

  • S. Weller - So far, so good!

    I put the product on about 2 weeks ago, there is still some mold, but it has lessened from what it was. I noticed the other day that our shed roof had moss on it, so I applied some to it, I do see some results with that also, all is not gone, but it's improving. I know that it takes time, I'll be curious as to how it all turns out after our winter.

  • granny - Fantastic!!

    In the middle of the night the pain in my hands woke me up. I reached down in bed and put my hands on the top of my earthing half sheet and within a very short period of time the pain was gone.

  • piki1 - Excellent

    I'm on the diet right now, starting my 4th month. Expect to know your intestine as you know the inside of your car. Expect diarrhea. Constipation. Tedious meals. And expect to get better, if you've been having food allergies. I am. I am working my way up to a raw egg yolk. That's up from homemade yogurt and meat broth, which I am made out of now. The diet is tough, but I believe it is working for me. And the explanations of things are what convinced me to go to all the trouble....making the yogurt, finding organic raw milk, etc. Do it if food allergies are killing you. If not...maybe read it so you know a lot of useful stuff, should your allergies get worse.