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  • Kindle Customer - Awesome

    Lucinda, Suga! This book was everything. I had to stop and pick it up because my heart was all over it.. smh Macy and Robert deserved everything they got and Joie, she was just bitter and crazy.. I'm glad Emma finally found and love as well as Tiny... thank you..

  • Laura I - If you straighten your hair daily...

    I have a chin length bob, and my hair texture is very fine and naturally kind of wavy. Just about every morning I blow dry my hair with a round brush and then straighten with a flat iron. So, I'm no stranger to heat styling my hair.

  • Wendy - This didn't work well at first (although better than other formulas)

    Our son has MSPI. This didn't work well at first (although better than other formulas). We had to start using elecare. He no longer needs elecare and we have him on this formula and it's great for him. At 6 months we're going to transition him to a gentle milk based formula.

  • B. Dauteuil - Reads like it was edited by an intern.

    Now I understand that this is supposed to have been around for hundreds of years and edited by the guys in the movies, but that doesn't excuse the spelling and grammar errors running rampant through this book. There are areas where it should read the word area, instead it reads are, and there are and it says there there.

  • John E. Min - We use this stuff everyday and love it

    Love this stuff and spend a lot on it. Best multi vitamin / mineral supplement around. As stated before, if anyone knows anything better, please let me know. It's panic time around here if I ever let it run out. I'm sure I have written one or more reviews of this product before, so I keep it brief. 5 stars!