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Pentasa | Mesalazine, 5ASA, inflammatory bowel disease, IBD, Crohn's disease, ulcerative colitis - Pentasa is a prescription medicine that treats mild to moderate ulcerative colitis and Crohn’s disease, also known as inflammatory bowel disease or IBD.

  • http://www.pentasa.co.nz/about-ibd-crohns-diseaseulcerative-colitis About IBD (Crohn's disease/ulcerative colitis) | Pentasa - Inflammatory bowel disease (or IBD for short) is a condition where the bowels, also known as intestines, become inflamed.
  • http://www.pentasa.co.nz/about-ibd-crohns-diseaseulcerative-colitis/the-gastrointestinal-tract The Gastrointestinal Tract | Pentasa - In the human body, the gastrointestinal tract is a tube that runs from the mouth to the anus. Food and liquids consumed through the mouth travel down the gastrointestinal tract and are digested. Nutrients and water are absorbed for use in the body.
  • http://www.pentasa.co.nz/about-ibd-crohns-diseaseulcerative-colitis/crohns-disease-and-ulcerative-colitis Crohn’s Disease and Ulcerative Colitis | Pentasa - Inflammatory bowel disease (or IBD for short) refers to two inflammatory disorders of the bowel, Crohn’s disease and ulcerative colitis.
  • http://www.pentasa.co.nz/about-ibd-crohns-diseaseulcerative-colitis/what-causes-ibd What Causes IBD? | Pentasa - The cause of IBD is not known for certain, however it is thought that many factors are involved including the environment, diet and genetics.
  • http://www.pentasa.co.nz/about-ibd-crohns-diseaseulcerative-colitis/how-is-ibd-diagnosed How is IBD diagnosed? | Pentasa - If people have gastrointestinal symptoms that they are concerned about, a visit to their GP is a good start to determining what could be the cause.
  • http://www.pentasa.co.nz/about-ibd-crohns-diseaseulcerative-colitis/who-provides-medical-care Who Provides Medical Care? | Pentasa - If the diagnosis is IBD the gastroenterologist will discuss the best course of treatment and other management options.
  • http://www.pentasa.co.nz/contact-us Contact Us | Pentasa - If you are a member of the public and have any questions or concerns regarding your health and/or your treatments and/or Pentasa you must contact your doctor. Ferring Pharmaceuticals (Pharmaco NZ Ltd) are not able to provide medical and treatment adv
  • http://www.pentasa.co.nz/legal Legal | Pentasa - Please read and review the following terms and conditions carefully before using this website. By using the website you agree to these terms and conditions.

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    So excited to hear a new Movers song!! Great as always. My whole family would be thrilled to see a new Movers series, I really hope the animated show happens! We need more Movers in our lives!

  • Allison B. - Great hubcaps!

    I recently bought these for my 2006 Toyota Sienna LE. Installation was very easy. They fit perfectly and are nice and secure. They look great! Product arrived in less than a week.

  • Brita L Gill Austern - It is nothing like my old Toastmaster waffle iron that was sturdy and ...

    So disappointing. It is nothing like my old Toastmaster waffle iron that was sturdy and solid. This feels like a piece of tin and does not make cook waffles as crispy. It is also very slow in cooking and the waffles with the large squares simply do not taste the same.

  • A. M. - It's ok

    It is good but not great. The guaruna powder works much better - but this is convenient to have with .

  • Melissa A. Slagle - As I was reading it I remembered when I was young my great grandmother would make me go lie under the big ...

    I had not heard of this technique before - but it made sense - so I ordered it. I was very pleasantly surprised and I feel I learned a lot. As I was reading it I remembered when I was young my great grandmother would make me go lie under the big tree, flat on my back for 30 minutes (I thought I was in time-out) now I learn it was to give me health and vigor. It is a bit cold to do that right now but come spring I will be doing as great-grandmother and this book instructs me to do.

  • Chris S. - Works great

    Easy to install. I got it mostly for a Sirius hook up so I didnt need the iphone connection. No problems, still can use the stock CD player too

  • msfnly - Gods gift to us all...

    This oil is everything it was said to be.. It was recommended by two holistic practitioners that had spoke in my class...I researched it further and have been taking it now for about 8 months.. My cholestrol dropped from 246 to 222 the first month and a half. I'm due to get it checked again and can't wait to see my new numbers. I haven't had a menstrual cramp since I started taking this oil. Took it on a cruise just in case someone got sick and low and behold three of us started getting queezy so I went to the cabin and took the oil and not ten minutes later I was fine.. Same happened for my family. I bruise very easily and when I do get one now it only last for three or four days instead of a couple of weeks. Took care of my husband's lactose intolerance stomache in minutes, he was amazed and sold on it and started ordering his own bottles... It has also brought about balance to my out of wack hormone problems seeing that I'm in perimenapause... No more night sweats and I'm back to being able to sleep at night again..And it also keeps me regular..ABSOLUTELY LOVE THIS OIL!!!!!!!!!!!! MUST HAVE