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  • http://www.pelviperineology.org/pelvic_floor/future_sacral_nerve_stimulation.html The future of Sacral Nerve Stimulation (Neuromodulation) - Over the last ten years sacral nerve stimulation (Neuromodulation) has shown great potential in the treatment of pelvic dysfunction. Initially used to treat urinary symptoms it has recently also been used to treat fecal incontinence and constipation.
  • http://www.pelviperineology.org/coloproctology/suture_material_outcomes_in_pelvic_surgery.html suture material effect on outcomes of surgery for pelvic organ prolapse - Surgery for pelvic organ prolapse (POP) is very common with 11% of women requiring surgery at least once in their life.The choice of suture material used in vaginal reconstruction can be as critical as the procedure itself. The selection of suture material has often been at the discretion of the operating surgeon with little sci- entific evidence to guide the selection. Recently there has been a trend towards increased use of permanent suture in reconstructive pelvic surgery. The goal of this study is to determine whether surgical outcomes differ when using different suture material.
  • http://www.pelviperineology.org/practical/sonography_female_pelvic_floor_clinical_indications_and_techniques.html Sonography of the female pelvic floor:clinical indications and techniques - Pelvic floor dysfunction usually leads to structural alterations in all compartments of the female pelvis. In advanced cases, with involvement of more than one compartment, accurate identification of all structures is essential to surgical planning and success. Clinical diagnosis may be difficult so an examination that provides a wide and simultaneous evaluation of all pelvic regions is highly desirable.
  • http://www.pelviperineology.org/pelvic_floor/international_continence_society_integral_theory_systems.html Management incontinent female comparative analysis for International Continence Society and Integral Theory system - This work critically examines the recommendations of two rival systems for management of pelvic floor dysfunction, those of the International Continence Society (ICS) and the Integral Theory.

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