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Pecos, New Mexico Pristine wilderness nestled in the Santa Fe National Forest :: - Pecos New Mexico The gateway to the Southwest. Santa Fe National Forrest & Pecos Wilderness 230,000 acres of pristine wilderness!

Country:, North America, US

City: -97.822 , United States

  • Amazon Customer - Great Product; No negative side effects

    As a fitness competitor there are days I feel energized and motivated while others seem to drag. The motivation is sometimes non existent and the quality of sleep I get is subpar making me feel extremely lethargic the next day. Since I've been taken masterbrain I can honestly say the quality of the sleep I've gotten has improved and my mental focus and energy during the day has been noticeably better. Definitely plan on ordering again.

  • Katie S. - Great for getting smooth arms!

    I have been using Apricot Scrub since middle school (which was a LOOONG time ago). Like one reviewer mentioned, if I use it too often on my face it actually causes me to break out - so I only use it once a week on my face (the Grapefruit St Ives Scrub is better and gentler for my face). The reason I love this stuff, though, is because of what it does for my ARMS. Sometimes the back of my upper arms will get bumps and feel rough -- but if I use this every day (or even as sparingly as every 3 days), I can tell a HUGE difference! I can also tell a difference when I forget to use it. Don't expect to see 100% smoothness after the first day, but after a few applications the bumps/roughness on your arms will be gone or at least minimized. I also use this on my legs in the winter (occasionally) and all over before I get a spray tan.

  • Montana Kovac - Love love love Nike

    Absolutely love them. They have helped so much with my foot pain. I will buy more Nike's from now on, I use to buy shoes with memory foam but my feet would still hurt. Nike is expensive but so worth the money!!!!

  • Paul - Great for the price

    Great for the price. After a month of use as a student, I've never noticed it bog down. The battery lasts 2-3 days. Only complaint is the screen resolution. You will notice that its not as clear as your smartphone. If you can do with a smaller tablet, you should buy the ASUS S8 at the same price which is better in every way.

  • Shuwan Gibson - this book has Indepth information with info to back up

    this book speaks on history that is not taught in schools. Open ones eyes of how the MOORS the real name for people with melamine in there skin ASAITIC KUSHITE MOORS. RULED AND CULTURED THE WORLD. Give you the rise and fall of the empires and stolen information which other cultures use today as their own.

  • G Coats - Yes!!

    Nicole Jackson always delivers and never disappoints!! Loved every page of Keyasia and Wake!! And I'm ready for the next one!!! Awesome read

  • Michael A. - Looks good, would be great if it came painted or ...

    Looks good, would be great if it came painted or atleast primered and ready to paint. Also with the necessary mounting application. If so, would be 5 star product.