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  • Justin B. - Half price of other brands

    I absolutely love this cup and the fact that the lid and straw scam with that was a great Plus for a great price. Only downside is that one of the lids dont seal tight, which makes it difficult to pick it up from the top. I still love it and will continue to use that I'll just be very careful when I'm using that lid and picking it up

  • Robert J - another product ruined by Marketing.......

    I've used, and trusted Kaspersky for years, BUT, their "mandatory registration" driven by nag screens has become more grievous than the malware they are allegedly protecting me from. I will find other solutions to protect my PC. I buy security products to protect my systems, not to open another marketing gateway to my screen.

  • Amazon Customer - Amazing book. I'm purchasing another copy for my mom

    Amazing book. I'm purchasing another copy for my mom. A must have for African people who are serious about our health.

  • Sebastian Alfonso Jaramillo - Balance you're

    Good product, doesn't have any secondary effects, great for allergy syntoms as well as flue. because somehow balance you're immune System

  • Markus - Wrapage is the worst

    I used it on a ultimaker 2, and the material wrapped so much (in all possible settings!), that even with double sided tape on the print bed, the edges lifted and NO single print worked out...

  • Alex L. - Not very useful for cleaning

    I have a very small kitchen, so I did not see the need to spend a lot of money on a high-end swiffer, and hoped that this product would suffice. Unfortunately, this does not do much of anything in terms of cleaning the floor. I usually end up having to clean the floor with paper towels and cleaning spray myself, because the wipes do not seem to work very well. It is also difficult to generate enough pressure with this swiffer to actually scrub away anything that is dried. Overall, fairly disappointed in this purchase.

  • Gergo - No more stuffy nose

    My son does not know yet how to blow his nose (which is very important for preventing illnesses) and this tool helps big time. We tried many nasal aspirators before but they were just not getting anything out. This one does the work gently but very efficiently. Anything you have to pump is weak, battery is weak. Vacuum cleaner is strong but obviously only little part of that sucking force is used so one should not be alarmed.