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  • terie165 - Great Stoller!

    I got this stroller to attach my infants car seat to. I have the previous model so the car seat didn't click into it like it states. All I had to do is call Britax and tell them that I need the attachment piece and they sent it free. My infant's car seat now easily clicks into the stroller. I love how the shade of the stroller and car seat together can keep the baby covered especially during the winter weather and from other germs while out in public because she's still so small. The stroller has a little mesh window with a flap that you can peek into which is nice. It's very easy to steer and very easy to open and close. It's also nice and lightweight. It's got a brake at the bottom of the back wheel and you can also lock the front two wheels. This stroller can recline all the way if needed and has a pretty good amount of storage considering the size. I do wish the wheels were rubber for more rugged use. I have put my 2 mos. old in here without the car seat and it worked great for her size. I did have to put a infant head insert but it worked great together. This is my 3rd baby so I knew what exactly I had in mind for a lightweight stroller and this so far has been perfect!

  • Brent Anderson - Perfect price, excellent product

    Rarely in life does one encounter a software product as moving as this. In the same way that the first viewers of the Mona Lisa must have wept at the serene beauty of da Vinci's most famous work, I too was profoundly moved by the ease and simplicity of H&R Block's tax software. Gone were the papercuts, the missing forms, the uncertainty that you actually did your taxes correctly. Gone was an expensive tax accountant, whom I would be paying simply to fill in bubbles and read my financial statements for me. Gone were the headaches, the issues, the discussions to understand mind-bending tax code. Even when I was uncertain about what the forms wanted, there was H&R Block's helpful assistance on the side - prompting me to click on the very questions I had in mind, and leading me to rather succinct and straightforward answers that would have otherwise rendered myself, a full grown man, to tears of of despair, searching for a way out from the deepest pits of all 16,875 pages of the US tax code. Indeed, this software was a boon, a revelation, and a vision; a shaft of light piercing the darkest, most complex portions of my meager partnership returns, and yielding illumination.

  • Steveo - I do not know how many types of items like this I have received with absolutely no instructions

    his Fortress Wall Mount for 40-70" TV’s came with instructions. That is important. I do not know how many types of items like this I have received with absolutely no instructions. All of the pieces are strong and durable. This was easy to assemble.

  • Jonie Witner - Dead Doctors book

    Don't know where I got the info on this book and then decided to order it but it sure is a wealth of knowledge. I am a faithful vitamin taker after reading it. Good reference book.

  • Karen C - Might take a week to start peeling! Still amazing though!

    Love this product! For those reviewers who say it doesn't work, I wonder how long did you wait? For me, I don't really anticipate anything for almost a whole week. Then there's another 1-2 weeks after that where your feet look pretty gross... Like, can't go to yoga class gross. Also, I highly recommend following Gwin M's review instructions. An important note-- use PLAIN water to soak your feet. I've done it with bath bubbles/foot scrub before, and I didn't get as good of results. Also, don't make the water too hot. You want warm water to soak your feet in, but not difficultly hot water. The goal is to get that wrinkly, softened skin, at least for me.

  • keith - Met my low expectactions

    Some jerk keyed my car awhile back. This did reduce the scratch a bit though it isn't a miracle worker. The places where the scratch isn't too deep now looks very faint but the deeper sections were not affected by the buffer at all.

  • jenbenn - It's a relationship

    Owning a Le Creuset pot is akin to having a relationship. It gets better over time. This is an item you will treasure, clean lovingly, appreciate and use with pleasure. I have several brands of cast iron and Le Creuset is by far the best in terms of quality, and the design is exquisite. Nothing beats cast iron, and for cooking casserole-type dishes with tomato or other acid foods, the enamel coating is wonderful.