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Your source for behavioral health information - Partners - Find information, immediate crisis help, and services for mental illness, substance use, and intellectual and developmental disabilities.

  • http://www.partnersbhm.org/crisis-help/ Crisis Help - Partners Behavorial Health Managemant - Feeling Anxious or Depressed, reach out to us today. Staff is available 24 hours a day
  • http://www.partnersbhm.org/confidential-screening/ Take a confidential mental health or substance abuse screening - Take confidential mental health, substance use screenings online. Feedback based on your answers will tell you if you need help & resources for getting help
  • http://www.partnersbhm.org/get-services/ Follow three steps to start your treatment and recovery - Partners - Find out how what services you can get, and how to start receiving them. Learn about criteria for choosing which treatment will help you the best.
  • http://www.partnersbhm.org/member-education/ Resources and contact for newly enrolled individuals and their families - The enrollee handbook and Enrollee Education Specialists provide information on a number of topics to help members navigate the behavioral health system
  • http://www.partnersbhm.org/resources/ Partners publications and other helpful resources - Partners - Additional information about the public health system, mental health, substance use, and intellectual & developmental disabilities.
  • http://www.partnersbhm.org/mental-health/ Find out what mental health is, take screenings to assess your health. - Find out what mental health is, take screenings to assess your health, and see how to get started finding treatment for mental illnesses.
  • http://www.partnersbhm.org/mental-health-substance-use-peer-support/ Peer support can make treatment more effective - Partners - Certified Peer Support Specialist help others navigate the public health system, learn what services and options may be useful, and where to find resources.
  • http://www.partnersbhm.org/geriatric-adult-specialty-team/ Geriatric and Adult Specialty Team - Partners - Partners’ Geriatric and Adult Specialty Team is charged with increasing the community’s knowledge and understanding of mental health and substance use.
  • http://www.partnersbhm.org/transitions-community-living/ Transitions to Community Living Initiative and its background - Partners - Learn about a program moving people from institutions into the community. Includes components of the program and a court settlement leading to its creation.
  • http://www.partnersbhm.org/addiction/ Fighting addicition? See how to get started finding treatment - Partners - Find out what addiction is, take screenings to assess your alcohol and drug use, and see how to get started finding treatment.
  • http://www.partnersbhm.org/disabilities/ Description of intellectual and developmental disabilities - Partners - Find out what an intellectual or developmental disability is, and see how to get started finding treatment for individuals living with a disability
  • http://www.partnersbhm.org/intellectual-developmental-disabilities-services/ Common adult and youth services to treat issues with disabilities - Partners - Descriptions of the most common intellectual and developmental disabilities services for adults and youth.
  • http://www.partnersbhm.org/intellectual-developmental-disabilities-care-coordination/ Care Coordinators help you get all your health needs met - Partners - Care Coordinators for those living with an intellectual or developmental disability help you get all of your health needs with the best care possible
  • http://www.partnersbhm.org/north-carolina-innovations-waiver/ NC Innovations is a group of services for some people with a disability - NC Innovations covers necessary services associated with intellectual or developmental disabilities.
  • http://www.partnersbhm.org/nc-innovations-waiver-services/ The list of services that may be covered by NC Innovations - Partners - This is a list of services possibly covered by NC Innovations. Your eligibility for different services is based on your individualized support plan (ISP).
  • http://www.partnersbhm.org/supports-intensity-scale/ Supports Intensity Scale® (SIS) assessment for Innovations - Partners - The SIS assessment measures the support a person living with intellectual or developmental disabilities needs for everyday activities of independent living.
  • http://www.partnersbhm.org/consumer-family-advisory-committee/ About the Consumer and Family Advisory Committee - Partners - The Consumer and Family Advisory Committee is made of members and their families. The committee advocates for member rights and needed services.

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  • MechYeti - Found this...

    ...stuck into a stone while on vacation. I'm impressed with it, generally. Unfortunately, it turns out that removing it made me the new king of Switzerland, which is a lot of responsibility.

  • Cheryl - Beautiful, simple and durable

    I get compliments on this pattern all the time. The green is like a sage, and it is a gorgeous, classy, simple pattern. For variety, I mix it with the serving pieces from the Colorwave Cream pattern. It is versatile stonewear- it goes in the oven, fridge and freezer. I have been using it for over two years and I have never chipped or cracked any pieces. I do not get any marks on them from flatwear, as others mentioned they have. I would buy this pattern again. My friend has the Colorwave Blue, which is how I got turned on to the pattern. She loves it too.

  • Christie - Not the Desperate Housewives meets Criminal Minds novel I expected

    First, I wouldn't call The Fall Guy a "psychological thriller" or a "gripping suspense story". Matthew, the down on his luck protagonist moves in with his cousin Charlie and Charlie's wife Chloe for the summer at their home upstate; while there's definitely tension between the three of them, Matthew more closely resembles a nosy teenage spy than someone at the center of a "deadly web of secrets, obsession, and revenge". While it does move along relatively quickly, the parts where Charlie ends up in banking related conversations read like you've stepped into The Big Short. For readers who don't know all the ins and outs of banking, it doesn't add anything to the story other than to prove that Charlie has more money readily available than Matthew. Not a bad book, but if you've got a choice, read something else. You'll just feel foolish by the time you finish this one.

  • F. Gooding - The Book is Great but be very CAUTIOUS of the books Customer Support.

    This Book has many interesting bits of information concerning ones health that should not be over-looked or ignored without first attempting to verify it's said claims, NOT if you are SERIOUS about your health.

  • Tara - Good book. Kept me reading til the end

    Good book. Kept me reading til the end! Havent read any books by Robert Dugoni before and now am reading the 1st in the Tracy detective series. So far so good!