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  • Lloyd Calihan - donot purchase from supplier

    the item never arrived they kept telling me it was enroute and it did not have tracking number which was lame excuse they then gave me numbers to download it and they were not correct conclusion this was bogus

  • Amazon Customer - On-ear?

    These seem to me like on-ear headphones as opposed to over-ear. They sit on my ears, not over them like my Sennheiser HD518 headphones.

  • Ruben Salas-Lerma - Do not order.....

    Preordered the game and installed it fully. Tried to play on Oct 11 2016 and was told it needed another patch...... Stuck with error code 0x80073cf9 . Avoid buying game.

  • Amazon Customer - I survive a painful autoimmune illness of the bladder

    I survive a painful autoimmune illness of the bladder. It's so very painful, my life SUCKS!! I've been studying the benefits Cucumin has on paint, in a holistic and safe way. I decided to try this brand because of the comments and reviews. It has worked, taking some of the edge of pain off. I read the bottle more thoroughly, and found that black pepper is in the supplement. I learned they work better together on pain such as Fybromyalgia. However, my bladder has spasms when black pepper goes through my system. This it didn't help many pain, only made it worse. For all of you out there, this would help your pain naturally if you can digest the pepper. Stay well everyone.

  • Big Dave - Hard to find Kava

    Kava is for relaxation and Slight anxiety. I have Restless Leg Syndrom, trouble staying in bed. Kava is part of my night-time meds. It helps. European studies said if you take a lot of it it MIGHT be harmful, so the USA recommended it be hard to find and buy. I've taken it for years with ne side effects. 2 pills 1 hour before bedtime.

  • ashop10 - A really great resource is PSVR Reddit which has allot of helpful ...

    I just wanted to take a moment on here to say to anyone on the fence about buying this, that they should absolutely try it out! A really great resource is PSVR Reddit which has allot of helpful tips, and as one other reviewer mentioned on Amazon, do the VR recalibration on the PS4 settings menu. This helps to calibrate to you and your surrounds specifically rather then factory defaults and makes a noticeable improvement. Also in the recalibration make sure to have the camera measure the distance between your eyes, and when doing so stand about 2 feet away form the camera (take a minute and use a tape measure to accurately measure how far your face is from the camera).