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PAREXEL Academy - We make Clinical Research happen - Aus- und Weiterbildungsprogramm im Bereich der Klinischen Forschung für naturwissenschaftlich ausgebildete Akademiker.

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  • Sandra D. - Excellent value, high quality

    I LOVE that these come individually wrapped. Definitely makes it convenient to leave outside without worry that the bucket will get moisture. We have a 40K gallon salt water pool, but given the number of small children, plus the organic debris that ends up in our pool since we live in the country I love the extra protection of a little extra chlorine. These work perfectly for this purpose. Aside from this product we use the BBB method of pool maintenance. An entire bucket lasts all year. Excellent value, cheapest that I've found and excellent quality. Will definitely buy again next year for our floating chlorinator.

  • david rodriguez - patience and consistency!!!

    Im a transexuaul and i have always felt very insecure about my flat butt. After trying weightlifting i managed to gain some inches on my butt but it looked to muscular and not plumb and round. After doing huge amounts of research and reading about maca and saw palmetto, i ran into isosensuals cream. To be honest the things the cream claimed to do sounded to good to be true. After weeks of research on the ingredients and reading all the reviews i can come across i finaly decided to try for myself. I decided to buy one bottle to see if it works. I started on march 21 and consistently did it twice a day. Just like the instructions say a dime size amount goes a long way. I did it religiously everyday. For the first week my skin just felt ''sore'' like if i had done excercise. In my second week i did notice my butt was rounder not necessarily bigger butt rounder. 4 weeks later halfway through april it was very noticible. even my friends noticed my jeans were actually filled in. I gained one inch in one month. The bottle lasted mt to the end of may, by then i managed to gain a whole inch and a half. Im very happy my butt finaly looks full and bouncy and super feminine. I was so amazed and pleased that i decided to buy the 3 pack its much better value and i can complete the recommemded 6 months then some. to any girls reading these reviews contemplating if they should give this a shot, it definitely works. Its not a miracle but it will boost your booty and your self esteem.

  • Amazon Customer - Way to small

    Cheap material and very small. I'm 5'11 and wear a 36 H bra I usually fit perfectly into a XL. Didn't know how this was going to fit and because I'm so tall not many women's tops fit right so I bought a XXL. My friend bought it from me and it fits her perfect she usually wears a medium.