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  • lillie harris - I like using moosh because it is chemical free and I ...

    My shih tzu is 13 years old and has sensitive skin. His vet has advised against bathing any more often than every 10 days. His coat gets very oily and smelly within 3 days of bath. I like using moosh because it is chemical free and I feel I can safely bathe him more often if needed. It has been 4 days since his last bath with moosh and his coat is still fresh and soft.

  • Paul S - ACT! is a scam

    I've recently joined a company that uses ACT!. Users are spread across the country and have different versions of ACT! I wanted to create a folder where I could receive backups of all the users ACT! databases. When I try to open a database, I get "this backup was created on a newer version of ACT! Please upgrade your ACT! software". Okay, fair enough...seems strange that I can't open backups between different versions of ACT! (the software we have is only 2 years apart). So instead of upgrading everyone in the company to the same version, I decided to just research a different CRM system. We really only use the contacts, companies, and notes features anyway. I found out that ACT! essentially makes it impossible to leave their software...or at least impossible without spending more money. You can't export notes from ACT! Our notes have a lot of important information and there's no way to simply export them from the program. Of course, they offer "add-ons" that you can buy which will magically allow you to do this. The ACT! software is basically just a vehicle used to offer upgrades, add-ons, and tech support which they always charge for. ACT! is a scam. Try using something like Future Simple BASE, or Less Annoying CRM. I can't wait to ditch this terrible software.

  • 86944T - Don't Buy It

    I was forced to covert from MS Money and have rental property so I decided to try Quicken 2010 Rental Property Manager. I find this a very feature limited product, that fails to meet my expectations. If you are thinking about converting from MS Money to this product, my only advice is DON'T DO IT. I read all of the horror stories about the conversion from MS Money to Quicken, so I hand entered all of my accounts that currently existed in MS Money to get it the way I wanted it. This took 1.5 days. I hand entered 20 days worth of day which took another couple of days. Then I started entering property data. Somethings Tag to the property somethings don't. Its hard to get the reports you want. Simple reports, like how much money have I invested in this property. The support for the product is terrible, and the super users are better than the Intuit employees. Tech support told me that I had to re-enter a months worth of data to get it to tag properly. When dealing with Tech Support or the super users, there never seems to be straight forward way to do something that is intuitively simple. Everything requires a work around because Quicken can't handle it. A prime example. Finance any of your real estate with home equity loans? Quicken can't handle it. I sent my copy back for a refund. My advice, don't waste your time even installing it. Read the other bad reviews on different web sites, and know that they exist for a reason.

  • Shannon Malthouse - Please read very helpful

    This gets lengthy about me and hormones and such. If you don’t want to read it all, just know that Vitex is helping to regulate hormones.