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American Pain and Wellness: Holistic & Active Medical Care - At American Pain & Wellness we believe that combining a holistic, active approach along with medicinal care will aide in your path to wellness and healing.

  • http://www.painandwellness.com/about-us Pain and Wellness Center/Plano, Texas - About Us American Pain and Wellness, is proud to offer comprehensive, cutting edge, pain management that is both high quality and cost effective for patien
  • http://www.painandwellness.com/our-physicians/ Meet our Pain Management Doctors - Steven L. Remer, M.D., is a graduate of the University of Michigan and completed his medical training at Wayne State University School of Medicine in Detro
  • http://www.painandwellness.com/office-information/ Office Information | American Pain and Wellness: Welcome - Office Info / Office Procedures Welcome to American Pain & Wellness servicing two location. Our main office located at 6020 W. Parker Rd suite# 300 on
  • http://www.painandwellness.com/pain-management-clinic-in-plano-texas/ Pain Management Clinic | Plano Texas - Locations American Pain and Wellness 6020 W. Parker Rd., Suite #300 Plano, TX 75093 Phone: 469.326.5100 Fax: 469.326.5101 Hours: Monday - Thursday, 8:00 a.
  • http://www.painandwellness.com/back-and-neck-pain Back and Neck Pain | American Pain and Wellness: Welcome - Back and Neck Pain Introduction  Back Pain  One of the most common medical problems in the United States. Eight out of ten people will develop a back probl
  • http://www.painandwellness.com/about-pain-resources/ Pain Management Resources - Self Help Books   The Pain Cure, Dharma Singh Khalsa, M.D. Foods That Fight Pain, Neal Barnard, M.D. The Pain Relief Handbook, Chris Wells, M.D. and G
  • http://www.painandwellness.com/self-help-pain-management-101/ Understanding Pain Management - Pain Management Pain Management 101 Introduction At some time in our lives, the vast majority of us will experience the agony of pain. If you are lucky, yo
  • http://www.painandwellness.com/physical-rehab/ Physical Rehab | American Pain and Wellness: Welcome - Physical Rehab At APW, we believe that combining a holistic, active approach along with medicinal care will aide in your path to wellness and healing. You
  • http://www.painandwellness.com/patient-portal Patient Portal | American Pain and Wellness: Welcome - Patient Portal   Our existing patients are able to access the portal to manage their information, schedule appointments, and view their visit history.
  • http://www.painandwellness.com/back-and-neck-pain-anatomy/ Understanding Back and Neck Pain Anatomy - Back and Neck Pain Anatomy of the Spine The spine has three main parts: The spinal column-bones and discs Neural elements-the spinal cord and nerve roots S
  • http://www.painandwellness.com/back-and-neck-pain-risk-factors-for-back-pain/ Risk Factors for Back Pain - Back and Neck Pain Risk Factors for Back Pain A risk factor is something that increases your odds of developing a disease or condition. The following are r
  • http://www.painandwellness.com/self-help-pain-management-how-pain-works/ Understanding How Pain Works - Pain Management How Pain Works Biological Aspects of Pain - The role of the Nervous System In most instances, painful sensations arise from tissue injury i
  • http://www.painandwellness.com/pain-management-fighting-back-accepting-the-condition/ How to Overcome Chronic Pain - Pain Management Fighting Back Step 1: Accepting the Condition The first step in controlling chronic pain is accepting that you have it. Chronic pain is a s
  • http://www.painandwellness.com/pain-management-fighting-back-positive-thinking/ Fighting Back: Positive Thinking | American Pain and Wellness: Welcome - Pain Management Fighting Back Step 2: Positive Thinking Are you an individual who approaches difficult situations with great negativity or do you try to lo

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  • Barbara Helgerson - Entertaining

    A very entertaining and different, realistic plot. Quite enjoyable. This is a great author, one I will be following for more.

  • Kerie - I've had better luck with a hemp shampoo from my local holistic ...

    This product didn't work for me at all. After reading the reviews I had high hopes but saw no change except maybe losing more hair. I've had better luck with a hemp shampoo from my local holistic shop. If you have the extra money give it a try andhopefully it works for you. Dissapointed :(

  • KenB - Shark: Where quality is kept at bay.

    Having worked on repairing this vacuum for professional house keepers as part of my occupation, my opinion: it is engineered for a short term solution.

  • Ms.Sandy - Inspiring

    I loved the book just like I've loved watching fixer upper. Chip and Joanna are real , nothing phony about them. I'd love to go see their farm. Their love story is beautiful. I think anyone who reads this will enjoy it as I did. I always get new ideas about decorating and trying something new every time I watch the show. Chips personality shines through. So lovely hearing stories about their early lives. How they met and what they were like back then. They are dedicated to their kids and that comes through loud and clear. I like the way the kids are so natural on their shows. They just act like kids. So refreshing. So I rec- ommend this book. Read it, you'll be glad you did.

  • tea4two - Poor shipment time.

    I don't know what is taking so long to ship us this product? It was advertised 2 day and we are at 2 weeks...not an email...nothing. You would think someone would explain the delay.

  • Coco - VacuVin

    Works very well but directions are not useful. I went to utube to find a video demo which was helpful. Tips include wet the rubber stopper first before inserting in bottle. Then set the pump on top of the stopper and start pumping. It can take 10-15 pumps to get to the clicking sound. The more wine left in the bottle the less pumps.