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  • Megan Ford - i like it

    didnt know if it would work, but i use it every morning and it works well. was embarrassed to buy it, but im glad i did.

  • Barbara C - I like that this product is a three in one product ...

    I like that this product is a three in one product - shampoo, body wash, and bubble bath. My son uses it for all three, and I've tried it as a body wash. The scent of this product smells really good, and I really like it. It does lather up well and does a good job moisturizing the hair and skin. My son's hair looks good after using it and doesn't look frizzy or dry. I also like that the ingredients used are natural and no harsh ingredients are used. Overall, I like this product a lot, but I am giving it four stars instead of five stars because I think it's a bit overpriced for the size of the bottle I received.


    This product performs EXACTLY as it is described. It amplifies sound. It is not advertised as a hearing aid and is not one and does not cost $500 or more. There is background noise that cannot be silenced and if this is accepted when you purchase it, you will not be disappointed when you use it. It takes getting use to, so approach it knowing it knowing this. I gave it five stars because it does what is says it will - amplifies sound (ALL SOUND). Do not expect a hearing aid when paying for a sound amplifier.