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  • Amazon Customer - Awesome features!

    I've been using Family Tree Maker for years and it has always been a good program. This latest version doesn't disappoint. The multiple panes let you see all the pertinent information on an individual at once. You can standardize the view to a certain extent. I love the maps feature. I like being able to visually see where ancestors lived. You can see all the people and facts pertaining to a particular place. You can also use the maps to see the location of churches, libraries, hospitals, courts, and cemeteries in the area. Of course the cemeteries would be the big public ones. Small family ones wouldn't show up. (Some of these features may have been in v2009. I upgraded from 2009 to 2011, but I never used 2009 much due to lack of time.) The source templates are going to be helpful as I try to document my sources and straighten out the ones I didn't do very well. The standardized Place names are a good added feature too. You can easily standardize all your place names using a "wizard" that resolves them all to the standard (or not, you get to choose.)

  • Lydia Britton - Smells great, but is not guaranteed to solve your problem (obviously).

    It pained me a little that the cat on the jug of Urine Off looks exactly like mine (haha). I followed other user's recommendation of injecting this into my carpet padding with a turkey injector, which was a painstaking process over several days. I applied several applications of the product on many occasions and it never really deterred my cat (I probably invested about $200 total in Urine Off when all was said and done. It did make the carpet areas she was soiling smell more pleasant and feel somewhat more clean, but eventually we just ended up tearing out the carpet because even this couldn't prevent her from doing her dirty work and we are fortunate that with some new medication and other environmental changes she hasn't soiled in that area since. For those desperate for a solution, this will certainly help with the stink, but be persistent with new veterinarians until you find one who can pinpoint what is wrong. Also try a lower-sided litter box.

  • David M. Indeck - Installer is not so brilliant

    I bought QuickBooks 2011 Download and tried to install it through the Amazon Software Library and Installer. It was pretty frustrating. After trying to use Amazon.com's (non-existent) support and on-line help and also trying Intuit, I used my own intuition to figure out that using Amazon's software installer, it is NOT able to 'upgrade' my previous version of QuickBooks. Excuse me, it is only 4 years old (2007), but why can't Intuit figure out what to do if you have QuickBooks already? Should having a previous version of QuickBooks already installed be a penalty? I don't think so. Zero stars. Poor implementation. I don't care if it is Intuit's fault or Amazon's, they are bad.

  • CynthiaC - The product is easy to apply as well

    I think it's working.... The only reason I didn't give 5 stars is because it's so hard to tell if your eyelashes are growing. I do notice they seem fuller than they were before. The product is easy to apply as well.

  • Caleb Lawson - The Ghostbusters face some competition!

    You think they have topped everything but once you read this volume you can't wait until they top this volume all of the ghostbuster volumes are amazing defiantly worth buying!

  • Betty C - kasperski Internet Security

    I bought Kasperski Internet Security 2012 last year and sometime in the middle of this year it was automatically upgraded to 2013. So when it expired I purchased the Internet Security 2013. I expect it will be automatically upgraded to 2014 sometime in the new new year. This is a big savings in cost. It is constantly being updated, so there is no difference in the security between one year's version and the new year version. The software warns if you are attempting to enter a risky site, so you can make a choice to continue or not. Have used Kaspersky for several years and have had no issues with it.

  • MaaeeM - LOVE IT

    We LOVE Burt's Bees products. They smell great, they're gentle and work very well. It will not irritate little eyes or skin as it is gentle. I put a bunch of BB items on my baby registry for baby #2 as we used it with baby #1. They also now make an organic clothing like that is adorable, functional, not outrageously priced, and great for little ones. A+ for Burts Bees!