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  • Active Ennui - The cans tend to turn when you are spraying with ...

    The cans tend to turn when you are spraying with this thing. (This is with the nozzles which are a little wider and longer than just the small round cylandars) I don't think that this would be an uncommon problem though, no matter which brand you had.

  • Ryster - Read this before installing...

    I purchased this to replace an expiring Norton Internet Security license. Initially, I attempted to install the McAfee product from the CD that was included in the package. The product installed, and then when it went to update it failed. I uninstalled the product and tried again. Same issue. Turns out the CD contains a build of version 11 that is known to have a corrupt McAfee Anti-virus engine. I uninstalled the product, ran the McAfee Product Removal tool from the McAfee site, and then tried to install again. This time I did a web-based installation instead of the CD based installation. That solved the problem. It pulled down version 12 from the web and is running perfectly so far.

  • steven - Great Product!

    My hair was thinning on the top of my head. I was afraid of balding and wanted to try a growth solution. My wife bought me this because she liked their products for eyelash enhancers. My hair is coming back fuller and I no longer feel I have to worry.

  • BedNBiskit - finally a defense against stink bugs

    i just bought a house that was totally infested with stink bugs. A friend recommended this product and it worked like a charm. It is a dry spray that can be directed with supplied nozzle into window frame channels to get to the recessed areas in the walls where the bugs love to hide. It works for up to 6 months and I am finally armed for the coming fall invasion! Ha!

  • Amazon Customer - Great system! Worth every penny!

    I have done this cleanse twice now and let me say I really like it. I have never eaten well and this proved it to me. After only 5 days I lost 9 pounds. I also wanted to see exactly how many calories I was ingesting on a regular basis, try to prove a point that I'm eating more than a thousand calories, so what I did was put everything into the MyfitnessPal app on my phone. If the one meal you eat is 500 calories you're still consuming almost 1300 calories a day. Of course that would vary based on what "snacks" I ate. Your body doesn't go into starvation mode, its still getting plenty of calories, but WHAT is being put into my body is significantly better than any other choice I would make. Goes to show that processed food really does a toll on your body.

  • E. Johnson - Sensitive, 33 year-old skin is FINALLY acne free!!

    Quick summary: This is FANTASTIC. The only line of skin care that has worked for my skin. I can't believe I'm really acne-free. Here's the detailed version:

  • Hidemasa Yamaguchi - Excel 2013

    I'm now using Excel 2010 but I'm thinking about buying Excel 2013 together with Windows 8 OS.The author of the book says Excel 2013 is a bit different from the 2010 version.