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  • R. Gould - Cheap and good

    I paid $70 for just one replacement hub cap for my 2009 sienna, then I lost another, and another. I now have two original hubcaps on one side and these knock off ones on the other side. They do not have the Toyota T in the middle like the ones my van came with, but since the stupid things fall off so easily I'm happy to have the cheap alternatives

  • LMOND00 - WTF!!!!!!

    I am crazy stupified that there are negative reviews on this product. First I must say that I bought my Sweet Sweat from GNC. Ok, that being said. This stuff really works. The negative reviews say that the product itself melts to the point that it looks like sweat so you think you are seating as a result of application. I KNOW it works because i applied left over product to my shins and went to a spin class and had rivilets of sweat coming down to my feet. Wouldnt the melted product creep slowly down your frame if it was melted instead of fast drops of water? I am stupified by the negative results. Look I have a gristle of fat where if your can imagine a cooked whole chicken and the area between the drum stick and the rest of the chicken that you rip off to enjoy. I had a huge lump of fat in that area. Why one side and not the other will remain a mystery. But I would apply Sweet Sweat and a sauna belt to cover above my "female region" right where the gristle is on my hip. Let me tell you that area has shrunken a significant amount since. Hey I am just one person but I know the differnce between melted product and waterworks sweat!!! This producct is the bomb! I am from NYC not being paid by the company. If I am benefiting then why not help someone to achieve their goals?!

  • Jerri - Doesn't work with our computer and WIN 7....

    I ordered this as a digital download. I installed it as instructed. It would not print projects. The Encore Company has been very helpful in trying to determine why, but no resolution was found. As a result, they are replacing it with an older version via disk through the mail. I am happy that they will do this but it isn't really what I wanted. Amazon has also been very cooperative through the process of resolving the issue. So, though I am disappointed with the product, I feel both companies have tried to resolve the issue in good faith! Thanks Encore and Amazon!