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Olympus - Deutschland ---- Digitalkamera / SLR Kamera / PEN Kameras / Endoskope / Mikroskope / Medical Systems - Olympus ist Hersteller von Digitalkamera, PEN Kameras, Kamera, Digital, SLR, Spiegelreflexkamera, Endoskope, Endoskopie, Mikroskope, Mikroskopie, Medical Systems, Industrie, Diktiergeräte, Audiogeräte, Ferngläser, Equipement, Information - Olympus

  • https://www.olympus.de/medical/de/medical_systems/products_services/product_details/product_details_73600.jsp Olympus - DIEGO ELITE Multidebrider | Medical Systems - Der DIEGO ELITE Multidebrider unterstützt eine Vielzahl chirurgischer Eingriffe.
  • https://www.olympus.de//www.olympus-europa.com/medical/en/medical_systems/startpage.jsp Olympus - Startpage Medical Systems Division | Medical Systems - The Olympus Medical Systems Division has a variety of products and system solutions for the medical profession. As a strong partner, the division constantly seeks to improve diagnostic procedures and, consequently, the treatment of many diseases.
  • https://www.olympus.de/medical Olympus - Startseite Medical Systems Division | Medical Systems - Der Unternehmensbereich Olympus Medical Systems Division bietet ein breites Angebot sowie komplette Systemlösungen für die Medizin. Die Zielsetzung der Medical Systems Division besteht darin, diagnostische Verfahren für zahlreiche Krankheiten und somit auch deren Behandlung zu optimieren.

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  • Jayhawk - Quicken Rental Property Manager 2013

    I upgraded to Quicken Rental Property Manager 2013 from RPM 2010 and have discovered the mileage rates for 2013 are incorrect. After contacting customer support they indicated the next upgrade may fix this but no details when that would be out. Upgrades cost so my guess is you can pay for 2014 when it comes out but look out as Quicken is not the company they used to be. Defective programs with no support.

  • Lilia E. Mitchell - Not able to update

    Love this game, but now it won't let me update or play. I don't want to uninstall or I will lose everything. Please fix.

  • ppaluzzi - don't bother

    This book is pretty poorly written and it felt like a lot more effort, time and attention was paid to the sexual tension between two of the characters(which got tedious quickly) than to the actual plot line. Don't bother

  • Eileen - too expensive for what it is.

    I've tried to love this product, but I really don't believe it's worth the money. The product essentially dries up on contact with air and friction, so it's a very gentle exfoliation. Which is great for those of us with sensitive skin, but I simply don't think it's worth over $100. There are other products out there that work just as well for a fraction of the price.

  • tiffany - Really wanted to love this... BUT

    If you have a chevy equnoix like me, don't get this, the equinox steering wheel symbol is rough not like the one in the picture. I put the bowtie on and it stayed for about a week and just kept falling off ! i really wanted to love this but i need something that will hold ....

  • Kristofer Occhipinti - Could not get it to work.

    I bought this even though it had bad reviews. Lots of times products get bad reviews because people expect to much out of them. This was under $10 so I didn't expect too much from it. But, it did not work at all. I tried it on 2 different machines. Normally I would not give it a bad review for that. There are going to be defective products every once and awhile. Doesn't mean the product itself is bad. But with all the reviews saying it doesn't work, and then having mine not work tells me that it's the product itself and not just a random defective product.

  • Elynia Byers - LOVE IT!!!

    I love it!! Just got it this morning and I made a 12 pound turkey....Yummy it was delicious...took it out of the box the set up was easy almost self explanitory because i didn't use the manual for the set up. But was coureous of how to cook with it so i popped out the cd manual that came with it and was ready to cook my turkey. (I like to marinate my meats so I preseasoned it the night before.) Let it cook for a couple of hours and man that turkey was DELICIOUS!!. See normally when people bake a turkey, it sits in its dripping as it cooks, with all that fatty grease...I was super impressed cause this one was roticierized (if thats a word lol) and when I pulled the bottom pan out i was amazed at how much grease was at the bottom...smh cause before i got this oven, just imaging how much of that grease i consumed in the past...the clean up was quite easy cause i am lazy hate to wash dishes but that something we gotta do. I think i spent my money wisely this time especially investing in something healthy and energy saving....its worth your dollar believe that!!!