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Private Obstetrician - Private Gynaecologist London - Take good care of your reproductive health; hire the best private obstetrician and London Gynaecologist.

  • http://www.obgynmatters.co.uk/dr-christian-barnick/professional-profile Chris Barnick - Professional Profile - Chris Barnick is an NHS and Private Obstetrician and Gynaecologist working in Central London with 30 years experience in Obstetrics and Gynaecology
  • http://www.obgynmatters.co.uk/the-clinic/the-practice Private Gynaecology Practice, London - OBGYN Matters, set up by Christian Barnick and Alison Wright in 2006, offers care for Pregnant women and women with Gynaecological Problems
  • http://www.obgynmatters.co.uk/the-clinic/support-staff OBGYN support staff - OBGYN Matters is supported by a number of specially trained medical and non medical staff
  • http://www.obgynmatters.co.uk/the-clinic/the-portland-clinic The Portland Clinic, London - The Portland offers a range of facilities from standard rooms to suites and VIP packages
  • http://www.obgynmatters.co.uk/the-clinic/weymouth-street-hospital Weymouth Street Hospital, London - Weymouth Street Hospital is a modern 16-bed hospital where Nuada Gynaecology provides inpatient and day-case treatments.
  • http://www.obgynmatters.co.uk/having-a-baby/pregnancy Pregnancy and fertility advice - In order to become pregnant, women need to be ovulating regularly, the fallopian tubes need to be open, and the partners’ sperm need to be good quality
  • http://www.obgynmatters.co.uk/having-a-baby/pregnancy-care Our Maternity Care - Consultants Christian Barnick and Alison Wright work as independent contractors to the Portland hospital, London’s only private hospital dedicated entirely to the care of women and children
  • http://www.obgynmatters.co.uk/having-a-baby/delivery Delivery of your baby - Both Alison and Christian have more than 20 years experience in delivering babies. Their delivery care is centred around choice and partnership with their clients.
  • http://www.obgynmatters.co.uk/having-a-baby/baby-care Paediatric services, London - There is a resident paediatrician (baby doctor) at the Portland hospital 24 hours a day. This paediatrician will attend the birth if requested and is available for any emergencies.
  • http://www.obgynmatters.co.uk/having-a-baby/pregnancy-problems Dealing with problematic pregnancies - If complications of pregnancy do arise, we may need to arrange extra visits for monitoring, including extra scans, blood tests, and occasionally hospital admission.
  • http://www.obgynmatters.co.uk/having-a-baby/caesarean-section Childbirth by caesarean section (c-section) - Most women will choose to try and have as natural a birth as possible, however, an increasing number of women are now making an informed choice to have an elective caesarean section
  • http://www.obgynmatters.co.uk/gynaecology/gynaecological-treatments Gynaecological Treatments - Unlike most specialities in medicine, gynecology incorporates both surgical and medical expertise. Often paired with Obstetrics, the branch of medicine dealing with childbirth and care of the mother
  • http://www.obgynmatters.co.uk/gynaecology/treatments-for-endometriosis Treatments for Endometriosis and Pelvic Pain - Christian Barnick is a consultant at OBGYN Matters and is an expert in the management of endometriosis and endometriosis surgery. He runs the Endometriosis centre at OBGYN Matters and also the Endometriosis centre at the Homerton University Hospital NHS trust in East London.
  • http://www.obgynmatters.co.uk/gynaecology/treatment-of-fibroids Treatment of Fibroids - Fibroid Clinic aims to operate an outpatient clinic with a comprehensive patient centred approach to the care of women with fibroids. As in all areas of medicine the key to successful treatment of fibroids is in the careful selection of the right treatment for each individual
  • http://www.obgynmatters.co.uk/gynaecology/fertility Fertility Treatments in London - At OBGYN matters we aim to carefully assess every woman who is trying to conceive, to see if fertility surgery may improve her chances of becoming pregnant.
  • http://www.obgynmatters.co.uk/gynaecology/pelvic-floor-problems Pelvic Floor Problems - We offer a sympathetic approach to pelvic floor problems. Often simple lifestyle advice may lead to an enormous improvement in quality of life.
  • http://www.obgynmatters.co.uk/gynaecology/bladder-problems-urinary-incontinence Symptoms, Diagnosis and Treatment of Bladder Problems and Urinary Incontinence in Women - Bladder problems are very common. Around 1 in 3 women suffer from incontinence (leakage of urine) at some stage in their life.

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