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  • Gina X - Decent phone for under $200

    I bought this phone a few months ago. It was a great phone when I very first got it. After a while, it stalls. It also logs you out when going on websites (even as easy as checking your email or going on Facebook). The touch screen chooses when to be "touchy" or not which is somewhat strange. However, this phone does have a few good things about it too. It's a great size (if you don't mind it being a little bulky). The camera is pretty good quality. Voice talk texting is wonderful! The internet moves at a prety good speed (when it's not stalling or logging you out). The battery life is pretty good. Charging the battery is fast because it doesn't take hours to charge up to 100%. Overall, it's a pretty decent phone. This phone costed me $179 and I'm pretty happy about my purchase.

  • Sonnenblume - Not enough cupholders

    This tool is great, we are an active family and are out and about somewhere every weekend. With this knife we never have to worry about not having the right tool at hand when need presents itself. I almost gave it 5 stars. However, we are a family of 5, and the knife has only 4 cup holders. The constant fighting over the cup holders is pretty unnerving. Hence only 4 stars.

  • G. K. Hock - Problem is that cannot be used in other countries but only Amercia

    I think that you better state clearly that in Amercia Amazon, it can be only used in Amercia, not any other countries.

  • Javier R. - Great little antenna

    Great little antenna, way better than the OEM one. I recommend it to anyone who needs to replace the OEM one or just wants a better antenna.

  • Medstudent - Came fast: product as described

    Came fast: product as described. Helpful book to have (main points of topics) while learning from other books. If you use it while you're learning I think it will be even more benificial when you use it again for USMLE step 1 review.