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  • Boots918 - Save your money!

    Just another Scam trying to make people think if they pay a lot of money they can lose weight or get healthy. Diet and exercise is all anyone needs. The only thing that will be lighter after buying this is your wallet!

  • Bobby Mays - Don't buy it!

    I was very disappointed the way it cooks. Only a 5" center section gets hot and the rest is cold. I went out and bought a stainless steel cooking pan just for cooking on the NuWave. Sorry I ever bought the NuWave. It was no way near as good as the commercial.

  • ChucksWood - Good for 35 days, but then...

    For the first 30 days I was quite impressed with this case, however, 5 days after passing the no return date, the thin plastic broke, releasing the magnets, and also cracked in another location where the plastic was thin. So --not a good experience.

  • Tina B. - Not enough Kevin

    I wasn't expecting much when I went to see this in the theater, but I thought this movie was funny. Chris Hemsworth is hilarious -- who knew? The extended cut fills in some plot holes nicely, though I can see why some of them were cut. Still not enough Kevin in the extended cut!

  • Leonard Jones - MCAT Prep Rocks!

    Excellent review and prep for the MCAT. Book was as advertised and provides quality information for anyone prepping for the MCAT.

  • Al M. - ageless male

    used as directed for couple of weeks...didn't seem to do anything...waste of my money... I would not recommend this product

  • lisa mclean - It really works!

    This stuff really works! I couldn't believe how quick I started seeing results. I've only been using it for about a month and my hair has thickened up alot! Before, I couldn't wear my hair in a ponytail without my scalp showing and now you can't see my scalp at all when I pull my hair back! I'm sold! My hairdresser recommended it and It's a great product.