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National Rural Health Student Network - The National Rural Health Student Network (NRHSN) provides a voice for students who are passionate about improving health outcomes for rural and remote Australians.It has more than 9,000 members who belong to 28 Rural Health Clubs at universities throughout the nation. They include students from medical, nursing and allied health courses.

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  • Robert Evans - IVE LOST 20lbs and I HATE exercise!

    This baby is the best! I simply get on it and move! After 30 minutes Im done watching TIVO...and I did my deed for the day!/..Very low impact with awesome results!! I am not an exercise person at all. I always got so bored. This I simple unfold very easily and get on it. Ive lost 20 lbs using this in 6 weeks! Another 20 to go!

  • JCoop - Not worth the money, but it works pretty well

    I ordered a 30 day cleanse supply from "gocleanse.com"... I decided to split it up into three 10 day cleanses after I lost 13lbs in the first 10 days. First of all- WAAAAY overpriced for what you get-they market it as a "magical" state of the art product that does what nothing else can do, but it is nothing more than meal replacement shakes, and the cleanse is just a disgusting drink with tons of nutrients. I am not horribly overweight, (6'1" 232lbs when I started) I just wanted to lose the 25lbs I gained in the 7 months after I got out of the military. YES, I do feel better after the 10 day cleanse, but not enough so to give all the credit to the product. I think if I just ate better than I was before, and cut out alcohol altogether, then I would have had the same result. I bought it because the radio show "Lex and Terry" praised it so much, and they typically give good advice. I realize they are just paid to promote it, but I figured I would give it a shot anyway. Now that I have spent $360 on a month supply, I have the willpower to eat better and exercise so I never have to blow that much $$$ on a BS weight loss product again...

  • love to read - I enjoy this time period of history so this book satisfied ...

    I enjoy this time period of history so this book satisfied my imagination. If I can picture what is happening in the book then I know the author is doing a good job with their description skills.

  • Amazon Customer - They didn't sound half as good as these

    Had a set of focal in my sonata on a 800.4 RF power amp. They didn't sound half as good as these. Very impressed. Full and crystal clear with more mid bass as well.

  • Lee A. Bartholomew - For those who dislike VCI Entertainment....

    It's not VCI.!!!!! VCI has a stranglehold on this movie and not for the better. And the feel of this Canadian release feel as in looks. :P like it should be sitting next to the books with it's off green color hue. and no Fake color anywhere. I had the misfortune several years ago sending in one of their dvds that wouldn't work (dvd rot? it does exist) Naturally they sent it back in the case lose !!! scratched to hell. No way I'd be ever able to play that again even with skip doctor. if Echo Bridge can spit out so so movies good. But VCI can also spit out bad disks too. :( Then sent me the b/w disc of a 2 disc set . But thats the last time I'll buy from them.

  • Ashley Turner - Really helps hair growth! :)

    so i started using this stuff about a month ago, because of a hair cut i didnt like. Wanted to grow my hair, so i googled how fast hair grows on average, which is half an inch per month. My hair has grown an inch in one month. I love this product, i cant wait for my hair to grow more.