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    City: 9.491 , Germany

  • Richard Lane - They reall know how to 'slip it to you'

    Just another slick infomercial with a non-medical, non FDA approved canned drink that will do nothing but drain your bladder - and your wallet. My elderly father-in-law fell for this one and when he complained that it did not work, we tried to get his money back. Guess what ? Only full cans accepted -at shipper expense- within the trial period ! Clearly designed to dissuade returns.

  • Rebecca Ann Randle - Amazing and hot!!!!

    I received for an honest review review and it grabbed me immediately I devoured it in one setting I just couldn't put it down I loved it I believe Liam and Elizabeth are one of my favorite couples they have such smoking hot chemistry you can feel the flames surrounding your heart and the suspense with the twists and turns I couldn't turn the pages fast enough to find out what was going to happen next after Lizzie met Liam at her Daddy's funeral things turn very interesting from there I highly recommend it an amazing duo can't wait to read more from these fabulous authors

  • Amazon Customer - Service beyond all expectations

    Product is just what I wanted and the price was the best I've seen in years. Chipped oven was replace immediately without question. Returning the defective product could not have been easier and a new oven was in the mail even before I could make the return.

  • jess - I was growing out my hair from a pixie cut...

    And these were so helpful! I took them religiously and I really do think they helped my hair to grow much faster and my fingernails never break and grow super super fast! Great product I still take them even though I'm done growing my hair because they make my nails so pretty and keep my hair healthy!

  • Noise Factory - Better than bugaboo

    Can be folded with the seat on (forward facing), free standing when folded. Handles better forward facing (noticeable with a bigger kid) than bugaboo. Height adjustable handlebar and enormous and strong basket for all your extra carrying needs.

  • John T. - No instructions with download

    I had the Real Deal card games 2011 downloaded directly to my computer. There are no instructions on how to play the games. I could not find a site online to get them. I could not find a way to contact the company for help. There is a HELP display for each game but it is blank. Therefore, I can only play the fews traditional games for which I already know the rules.

  • Will - Fun cricket game with a few shortcomings.

    I've had "International Cricket 2010" for about a week now and just love it. I think its the best cricket video game I've played so far; the only other game I've played was Cricket 07 for PC. My computer crashed and was too lazy to reinstall Cricket 07. Plus, I wanted a better game and a console game, so I searched the web and stumbled upon IC 2010. I originally saw it on Amazon's UK site so I kept looking and happily saw the US site had it as well. I ordered it right away and it came before the expected arrival date, which is always a plus.