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  • Thai - This product is GREAT!!!

    I am a 34yr old hispanic male that been losing my hair ever since I can remember , I was 90% bald and was not liking how I looked , I tried monoxidil for one month in the past but gave up even before I saw results cause of the cost of the drug at my local drugstores . I was surprise on how inexpensive the monoxidil was on Amazon so decide it to give a try . The product was right on time , came package in a little bag with three bottles . I was so happy to try it for a long period of time and let me tell you that I am happy with the results , I saw results with in the first month . It all starts with the growth of tiny white hairs and gradually takes color until you have a darker looking hair , I have been using it for about 5 months and I have seen some growth , I wish that I would of stayed on it when I first use monoxidil from the store but is cool , I'm happy with the results . For the price is a great steal and Im very happy and I had more growth in my frontal areas so yes It does work all the way around .. I am saying that going to have a Afro in one month but what I'm saying is a great product and I am very please with it and if you are having thoughts about using monoxidil .. Trust , me go with this product ... Inexpensive and has good results .. Hope that this was helpful information .. Love and I'm out.:-)

  • PastorMC - Great product

    Had an instance where my boat's engine would not turn over; after adding Sea Foam, and allowing it to work on the moisture in the gas overnight, the engine cranked on the second try and works well still. I now add sea foam regularly to the gas tank of both my boat and van!

  • C. Fenton - OK Product for the price but doesn't quite deliver...

    I bought this cream because I was looking for a stretchmark cream that wasn't too expensive and had decent reviews. I used this product religiously and slathered it on my belly twice a day for 8 months... the smell of the cream is awful but I ignored it thinking it would prevent stretchmarks. Well, I was disappointed when in my 7th month of pregnancy I got a TON of STRETCHMARKS. My doctor told me that stretchmarks are ultimately determined by your genetics and there is no product out there that can completely PREVENT stretchmarks b/c it depends on the elasticity of your skin. I also read in a book that the skin breaks from underneath vs. creams that only treat topical skin.

  • curious georgette - Poor rearranging of tools and some common tools missing.

    Horrible updates where some common tools are either gone or hidden. So frustrating. Back to the drawing board! MS apps are THE most user unfriendly and poorly designed applications! If more people used Pages or if another company made better apps I would easily switch. Stuck with MS because that's what my clients use.

  • Kara Stenberg - They tried hard...

    ...but failed miserably. My family just grabbed this film off the shelf at the rental place - we had no idea it was a Christian film. About halfway through, they really start hitting the viewers with the "jesus stick" which really doesn't appeal to non-Christians and takes away from any dignity the plot may of had (barring all the other horrible elements of the film).