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New Jersey Preparedness Training Consortium (NJPTC) - The New Jersey Preparedness Training Consortium, NJPTC, provides continuing education and training materials to a wide variety of healthcare providers to prepare for and respond to bioterrorism, disasters and other public health emergencies.

  • http://www.nj-ptc.org/training/online/index.htm Online Training Events, New Jersey Preparedness Training Consortium (NJPTC) - A list of all online training programs currently offered by the New Jersey Preparedness Training Consortium, NJPTC. Continuing education credits are offered for doctors, nurses and other professionals. Many programs are offered free of charge.

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  • TheGermanTroll - Average Product w/ Typical Fake Reviews

    My God, what is in a review. The product is OK but pricey for what you get. Did not notice a huge change that I did in Animal or Mega Men. Beware of the 5 start fake reviews below. No verified purchases but a ton of BS.

  • Gattis - Best result!

    People with a combination skin type will understand me. I have always to be extremely careful with any type of cosmetics I put on my facial skin! Most of creams, moisturizers and serums cause blackheads. However, this particular serum is suitable for my skin type. Using this eye serum I experience the best results! Orogold has presented me not only the product that works perfectly for my skin type but also helped me to get rid of the dark circles under my eyes! I wouldn’t trade this serum for any other anti-aging eye treatment!

  • Jeremy A. Mcentire - Spore's depth is exclusively graphical.

    Yes. The DRM sucks. I pre-ordered this game and have vowed to NEVER AGAIN PRE-ORDER. If I had had the benefit of the reviews from Amazon prior to purchasing this game, I'd have waited. The worst thing about it is that the DRM protects the most mindlessly simple game imaginable. The only depth to the game is the number of different creatures you can create. For that, just get the creature creator or a set of crayons. Really. Every other aspect of the game is simplistic to the point of being almost deterministic. If you die you lose nothing; if you have even the slightest ability to think critically, you can maximize your creature's abilities. Creature abilities are in no way affected by your creature's design. You get no points for creativity in design. This persists until after the tribal phase; in the civilization phase, things don't get much more complex. Honestly, this is where the game at least got passingly interesting -- but, it doesn't hold a candle to Civilization. Imagine playing a game of Risk with a toddler... that's about how engaging the civilization phase is. And the space phase? Pretty much just annoying. The more you expand, the more other "races" want from you. Soon, you'll be annoyed that you have to handle the minutia of a city's buildings on every planet you control WHILE SIMULTANEOUSLY, SINGLE-HANDEDLY fighting off any invasion of any of your planets. Not to mention having to run stupid errands for other races to keep them happy, or engage in a war all alone. At least, it's not hard to fly-by, drop a bomb, and circle the planet. This method lets you destroy a city without risking much damage at all to your ship. Pretty mindless.

  • Mississippi hiker - Rretired veterinarian uses penetrex on himself

    As a retired professor of veterinary medicine, I am wary of many patent medicines and those with "alternative" ingredients. However, I am very sensitive to some side effects of NSAIDs, including the active ingredient of Pennsaid, which is the topical prescription form of an NSAID. Both Penetrex and Pennsaid are assisted in their local absorption by dimethylsulfoxide, or DMSO, so they are able to reach the inflammed tissues through the skin. Given the circumstances, I decided to try Penetrex.

  • JoeyBz - no chemical taste and great to quench thirst

    The flavoring on this is on point. just very refreshing, no chemical taste and great to quench thirst. I love taking amino's on fasted training and post workout for recovery. This is just a great fruit punch flavor with a solid profile that mixes easy with no floaters.