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  • Raymond C. - Best home backup software I've ever used

    I have used different backup software products ranging from a home setting with only 2 PCs to a corporate setting where dozens to hundreds of computers were backed up. I use Acronis True Image (Home) exclusively for my home networked PCs and it is perfect for that use. I have never used anything else since discovering True Image Home about 10 years ago when I tested many products trying to find a decent backup solution. Nothing else came close to True Image.

  • CMC&MHT - Buyer Beware

    I was excited to receive Hope in a Jar for Christmas but after a few uses developed a horrible, raised, itchy red rash all over my face and developed very sensitive dry skin. Thinking that perhaps daily use was too much at first I decided to try it again - the rash started developing about 8 hours later and got worse even after washing my face with a gentle cleanser. Took about 5 days before my skin was back to normal.

  • R. McClintick - Easy to use knowledge with limited learning requirements.

    Photoshop is probably great, but there was a free sample for both Photoshop and this program with my Bamboo. And this program offered me easy to use knowledge with limited learning requirements. It's still used with my drawing periodically, with photo alterations and with graphic drawings for my blog (

  • Penny - Very helpful product

    This ointment has so many uses. I rub it on my aches and pains, no matter how much or how little the pain is. I had both of my knees replaced and have pain behind the knee cap. I apply this a few times a day and at bedtime, it really helps ease the pain. I also apply to my forehead for relief of sinus pressure. It works great to rub on your chest when you have a chest cold, bronchitis, etc.

  • Kewlsammie - Only giving this product one star because there is no zero to give

    This product does not work, save your money. I ordered this product against all the bad reviews, thinking it can't be that bad. I used the product for a month with no results. Let me say that I think a lot of people are under the impression that this pill will make you gain weight, it wont, you still have to eat..alot.. 2800 plus calories a day..this product is supposed to give you an appetite so you can eat more. That being said, I actually lost my appetite, got stomach pains and the runs, and I lost five pounds. The main ingredient in this is echinacea, which I never knew could stimulate an appetite, it doesn't. Save your money and go get you some alfalfa for appetite. This product is a total rip off and to send the product back will cost you as well.

  • TomS - My advice for Mr Bernardi and his publisher

    You probably shouldn't write a book criticising a woman's right to an abortion when you yourself are a walking advertisement for it.