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Nikkora - SurgeryPRO is a non-chemical medical device company for people who are trying to prevent and heal from surgery. The dvtPRO xl, dvtPRO LT and InTone devices are the most popular.

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  • Patricia - Great Movie and Great Video Quality

    This is a very well made movie with amazing graphics. The HD makes the picture absolutely incredible. For the extra buck I would definitely go for it! Pop some popcorn and prepare for a great action packed movie!

  • Ashley W. - This stuff works wonders!!!!

    With a healthy colon, you should have a bowel movement everyday. This helped to regulate my system and cleanse me of toxins and processed foods that have been backing me up for a long time. It's a great jump start to weight loss. I used this for 10 days and it helped me rid 10 pounds of waste from my colon. When you have a clean colon it's easier to lose weight and I was able to lose 10 more pounds easily through a healthy diet and exercise. Don't keep eating processed foods on this cleanse. You will hate yourself for it because your stomach WILL hurt. Lol. Eating raw fruits and veggies with lean vegetables will aid in better weight loss and an overall better experience.

  • 6 Girls - Tylenol Arthritis is a True Pain Reliever

    I chose this rating because I have used it for over 3 years and it is the only product that completely removes the pain. I started out taking 4 times per day. I only take it twice per day now. I have been able to maintain a daily aqua based exercise. I am very thankful for Tylenol Arthritis.. Thanks for asking for a review......

  • Stacie Rae - LOVE♡

    I love this phone! My hubby and I both got on on this past Friday from our local Verizon store. I have the gold and he has the silver.

  • Amazon Customer - Very happy

    These fit perfect and look awesome. I'm completely happy with the fit and construction of these mud flaps. The only reason I gave 4 stars is because of the double sided sticky tape didn't hold very well on the rear mud flaps but the factory screws hold it fine. I've had these on my truck for a few months now and I removed the rear flaps and cleaned off the sticky tape and reinstalled with 3M sticky tape and it holds great and looks great. If I had to do it again I'd replace the tape on the original install.

  • fanfan - I found a typo

    To whom do I write to report typographical errors? I noticed that the first "7" on the third line page 48 should be a "3". The "7" that's printed there now isn't random. Other than that, this is really an excellent book.