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North Carolina Headache Clinic | Headaches, Migrains, Sinus Headaches, Tension Headaches, Headache - We find that both complex and simple headache conditions are most effectively managed by personally seeing a neurologist who specializes in headache. If you suffer from headaches or migraines visit our clinic in Raleigh, North Carolina.

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  • Keith M. - Terrible Product-On 4th Replacement in 7 months-Now returning to Amazon

    I hardly ever write product reviews but this product is terrible. We purchased it 7 months ago and are now on our 4th replacement. I love Epson printers and have several other models in my office. I purchased this one with the goal of saving money on ink, but it keeps breaking down. With each replacement, something else goes wrong.

  • Will & Germy - Good & Bad

    This car seat is sleek and looks great. The safety feature are unmatched. However, we ordered two for our twins and they have a very strong chemical smell. You will want to let them air out for a while. We drove from San Antonio to San Diego and had to change them back into their infant car seats because the smell was so strong.

  • Kindle Customer - Very Good Read

    I haven't read a hard science fiction book in years, so I didn't know if this would be too technical and bore me. No danger of that in here! The story was interesting, I cared about the characters, and there was no cliffhanger. It read quickly and had a good editor. I recommend this book to anyone, actually!

  • pete - Pretty good

    These balls were awesome. I was using Wilson balls and switched to these to try something different. I am a beginning golfer and noticed a difference in the action of the ball. I am going to order some more of these.

  • Robin Surrender - WAY less useful

    I am extremely dissatisfied as for all practical purposes the 2012 edition is pretty useless. I have worked with WRITER'S MARKET for years, and NOT because of all the how-to articles. Let's face it - most working writers use the Writer's Market as a WORK TOOL: finding proper publishing & other writing opportunities. The most useful sections, for an aspiring BOOK writer, HAVE BEEN the (SEPARATE) "Book Publishers", "Canadian & International Publishers" & "Small Presses" sections, and JUST AS IMPORTANTLY, the "Book Publishers' Subject Index: Fiction & Nonfiction". I say "HAVE BEEN" because this current 2012 edition has: 1. LUMPED ALL PUBLISHERS INTO ONE SECTION - much more awkward to work with - & 2. ELIMINATED the SUBJECT INDICES COMPLETELY!! This makes it impossible to find publishers in any genre or subject without GOING THROUGH THE ENTIRE PUBLISHERS' SECTION ALPHABETICALLY!! Which is obviously VERY impractical! The first page of the BOOK PUBLISHERS section states: "When you have compiled a list of publishers interested in books in your subject area" etc. - They DON'T mention HOW to compile that list WITHOUT the SUBJECT INDEX!

  • jimi - ... a year and a half and it is the best exercise device coach

    I have been using Moov over a year and a half and it is the best exercise device coach. I am 61 years young and have seen myself improve in all areas using Moov. The exercises are challenging and the coaching motivating. I love my "coach" and I appreciate the guidance given during my exercises. I have 2 Moov Now for boxing. By the way, it also monitors your sleep. If you want to get fit and stay fit and healthy, get this device.