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NCART - We are the National Coalition for Assistive and Rehab Technology - National Coalition for Assistive and Rehab Technology supports Complex Rehab Technology for individuals with disabilities and people with medical conditions.

  • https://www.ncart.us/contact-us NCART - Please contact the NCART national offices in East Amherst, New York - The NCART national offices are located in East Amherst, New York and serve both Complex Rehab Technology professionals and users across the United States
  • https://www.ncart.us/educational-materials NCART - Ideas for better education & understanding Complex Rehab Technology - A resource for greater Understanding Complex Rehab Technology better. Includes educational documents studies, and presentations about Complex Rehab Technology
  • https://www.ncart.us/ncart-membership NCART - Learn about becoming an NCART member and NCART membership benefits - Find information about becoming an NCART member and learn about NCART membership and its benefits. Fill out the NCART supplier and manufacturer application

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  • Jennifer Zimmer - If u don't plan on using these supplements & eating plans for the rest of your life it's a waste of money

    I did alot of research on this product & thought I would give it a try. It was very expensive but I thought what the heck. Will I'm here to tell you that's its a scam. Not only did I follow the diet spot on, I didn't see any results. Not only is it expensive but buying all the food is very costly as well. I had friends try it as well once you stop following the plan (off your 8days) you gain your weight back. If u don't plan on using these supplements & eating plans for the rest of your life it's a waste of money. Ask for my money back & they declined. WHAT A MONEY MAKER FOR THEM..

  • Felix R. - Great bike shoe

    Great bike shoe. The two velcro straps and plastic buckle really help conform the shoe to my foot for a snug fit. I'm a 8.5 shoe and bought the 42.0 and they fit perfectly (obviously, any smaller and they'd be uncomfortable for my toes).

  • Wally - Great product / Poor documentation

    This unit includes more features than I would expect of anything in this price range. Excellent value. I found this product very easy to use. The only function I dont like is that the backup camera only operates when selected and will not come on automatically. Shipping took about a week but was on time and item received in good condition by Fedex from China. It was well protected against rough handling. On the downside, there is poor documentation with no instructions whatsoever on how to install the unit. Also, there were no Points of interest included on GPS. Fortunately, a Google search allowed me to upgrade map and POI's very easily. Also, a Google search came up with some good information on how to remove the factory unit after which, it was a direct fit including all cables etc in my 2010 Camry LE. Looks 100% like a factory installation once complete. It was more difficult figuring out how to wire the GPS antenna to the outside but once done, it works perfectly while located on the underside of the hood. Installing the camera was tricky but again ended like a factory installation. It was not even neccesary to cut any wires. Without any detailed info, it took several hours to complete the installation. I would recommend this item, however, the average person may want to get it professionally installed.

  • Margie - Kenra texturizing Taffy

    I have used this product before and love it. It is light and has a very clean smell, holds my hair which can be very stubborn and it lasts forever. I would buy it again from the same dealer. I definitely would recommend it and the price and delivery of product was great!

  • B.Willis - A terrific product. Best Whitestrips yet!

    I've used Crest Whitestrips for years. I've always been a fan and even prefer them to the one-hour Brite Smile professional treatment, which I've done twice before.