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NA Chatroom - Daily online NA meetings. - We are a group of Narcotics Anonymous with two daily online meetings where addicts seeking recovery can chat 24/7 for support and fellowship. It's free. No registration is required, and we don't ask for your contact info or e-mail address. You can share whatever you feel comfortable with anonymously. NA Chatroom is a place for addicts seeking recovery from drug addiction to meet other addicts and get help. We offer online meetings as well as open chat. We follow the 12 traditions of NA and therefore it costs nothing to belong, and you are a member when you say you are.

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  • BenBB - Invaluable

    Married guys, do yourself a huge favor and stop reading these reviews and/or shopping other similar titles. BUY THIS BOOK RIGHT NOW. This is as close as you're going to get to an operator's manual for your wife. Get it. Remember all those little suspicions you had about your wife over the years, all the subtleties you noticed, every single epiphany you ever had about how sex and marriage really work and SHOULD play out? The author, Athol Kay, lays them all out in humorous, sometimes painfully obvious, terms and gives you every tool and technique you need to get the most out of yourself AND your wife. Don't waste any more time, just read it and you will finally understand.

  • andreia - This is ok, doesn't grow much of your hair ...

    This is ok, doesn't grow much of your hair. I used it for a month then I started getting pimples (which I have never had). And no I'm not starting puberty. I'm an adult and this didn't make a huge difference on my hair growth. Buy at your own risk

  • Eric - a functional, durable man purse

    I've had various Timbuktu bags over the years and I love the Classic Messenger Bag - a design I think is hard to improve upon.

  • Zoemondo - It was fun while it lasted.

    This was a decent for the 3 days it lasted. I spent around 14 hours getting it all setup. During that time it did seem to have wifi issues often enough to be annoying. Embedded video in Facebook was start/stop/buffer like I was on old school internet (which I'm not). Netflix wouldn't stream in HD. I was NOT trying to connect to Bluetooth and wifi at the same time which is what Lenovo's answer is when you ask them about it. Still, It would have worked fine for what I needed it for. BUT when I applied Lenovo's BIOS update it ran fine, told me to press any key to restart the system and I did. Unfortunately, that was the end of it. It would never turn on after that.

  • Christina Russell - Great Case

    I really like this case. It's a slim case, so I don't feel it makes my phone bulky or large looking like other protective cases. It gives good protection, especially with the rubber on the corners. It's pretty good and it makes my white iPhone look really nice! :)

  • Michael Vargas - Has done better. Still very good though

    Big fan of J. Cole. Definitely think he's one of the best lyricists out right now. Dropped him 1 star short of 5 just because I enjoyed his first 2 albums more. Also didn't like that there were only 13 tracks since the last one ran so long for his "credits"