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  • Frances Keller - Calmness of the body

    I was skeptical, but keeping an open mind ordered this mat. I have been sitting on it while on the computer, or watching TV in the evenings. Within 5-10 minutes I sense a calm, easiness to my physical body. It feels like I'm "home". Settled in my body...not stressing or anxious for the next thing to happen. If you are an energy worker, or into bio-energetics, you probably will feel this field. All my energy worker friends agree with what I have posted. 😀

  • Pamela Pantea - Great hairspray

    I used sebastian shaper hairspray for many years in my career. But when this one came on the scene my prayers had been answered! I did weddings on call for many years and when I switched to this hairspray I could work my updos with better finesse. It doesn't leave a build-up or residue. Just an all around nice product.

  • R Zimmer - very well done program

    autodesk sketchbook pro 2011 is a very easy to use program and offers many functions needed in this type of program. well worth the money

  • Will Moore - fun game but a money pit

    Fun game great graphics but it takes to long to get enough gold coins because you need to pay cash for them which makes the game take forever to progress in would rather just pay for the app than needing to pay to progress I have patience and never buy the gold not spending cash on virtual items

  • 2yorkiemama - Great for acne - with one caveat. :(

    I actually love it, with one caveat. I used it for cystic acne, and it worked wonderfully to bring down the swelling. However, it did burn my skin. I even used it with a carrier oil. I'm really bummed because it did work so good on the acne. I may have to try a different oil such as argan. If you don't have sensitive skin, I do believe this would be a great product for you! The smell is very pleasant, though quite strong. The price was exceptionally good, also.