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  • Xponetial - Works fantastic

    The bars were easy to install, once I figured out I have to use the tool provided to pop off the covers. Have to press down hard to pop the covers off. Once that was done, it was easy to install, they worked great. Drove from Dallas to Orlando with load on top no issues.

  • Instructor Too - Street Atlas 2012, little improvements and still worthwhile

    Like other Amazon reviewers we are dismayed at how remiss a dedicated cartography company like Delorme has been in updating roads and associated "points of interest" data on their premier street and travel mapping software, "Street Atlas 2012". Thanks to the building and infrastructure slowdowns caused by difficult US economic conditions since 2008, you would think that Delorme would have been able to easily catch up on adding new roads but there appears to be little addition of updated roads over our "Street Atlas 2009" version.

  • Blue Team - Under any circumstances, do not purchase. Visio 2016 is not compatible with Microsoft Office 2016.

    Do not purchase Visio 2016, as it is not compatible with Office 2016. I have spent 3 days of consecutive support with Microsoft (chat, phone, remote desktop). After letting two Microsoft support technicians remotely access my PC for two hours, they are also not able to get Visio 2016 installed along side my Office 2016. They recommended calling Professional Support (rather than Technical Support) and opening a support ticket for an additional $499. This seems completely ridiculous, if you ask me.

  • Melanie Griffith - She Writes Like An Angel

    Oh my God!! I loved reading this book. Not only does she write the most beautiful songs, she is also an amazing story teller. I felt her heart through out the book. From her awkwardness as a girl growing up in NYC with fears that were very hard to overcome, but overcome them she did! In spades. She goes from being a teacher to winning Academy Awards. She takes us through her loves, her success, her passion and her art. Carole is so beautiful physically, emotionally, and intellectually. Of her 175+ songs that she has written are so many mega hits, I promise as you turn the pages of this elegantly, beautifully written book, you will say, " She wrote that song....and that one? And that one too?". "On My Own", "Midnight Blue", "When You Love Someone", "How Do Fools Survive", "When I Need You" are a few of MY favs!! She weaves a beautiful tapestry of music and life and love here. This is one of the best memoirs I have ever read! Thank you Carole!!! xoxoxoxoxo

  • Marilee Motto - I've bought Urine Off for cats over the years - ...

    I've bought Urine Off for cats over the years - even bought it over a decade ago when it was almost $100 a gallon. It's always worked for me. However, this gallon doesn't work. I've done everything from spraying lightly to soaking it and the urine smell is still present. I don't know whether the product has a shelf life or they changed their formula, but this gallon doesn't work.