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  • Amazon Customer - Pushes you to do better

    I have been a huge fan of Jawbone UP. When i heard they were coming out with a waterproof design, I was stoked. Jawbone delayed the release of UP3 and blamed it on the waterproof feature. I was so disappointed that i started researching other products. An ad showed up of Moov Now and sparked interest to look into. I watched the videos of the anticipated product and preordered 2 of them fpr the swimming and boxing exercises. Once I got my bands, i tried my first workout, and man was i sore instantly. It does not count your reps if you do it wrong, making it harder to slack. The band coaches you and help you achieve your goals. While all the other fitness trackers... Well track. I highly suggest this product. I will never go back to Jawbone after this experience.

  • North Texan - you might be satisfied. It looks good but again

    I was hoping it would get the same level of reception as the factory original but it does not. It does work but it is less effective than OEM antenna. If that is a deal breaker for you, consider an OEM unit. If you're more concerned with "looks", you might be satisfied. It looks good but again, reception is below the factory original.

  • Milanda Phelps - All-Natural Product!

    Aging sucks! I will just start this review with that. I have noticed that my memory, while still great, is not all it used to be. I purchased these pills in the hope of helping a bit with the memory issue. In addition, the pills claim to help with learning and cognition. They do specifically state to only use if you are over 18. I am unsure why that is, maybe because they have not been FDA approved?? In any event, they are all-natural and contain a blend of alpha glycerylphosphorylcholine. Each capsule has 325 mgs and the instructions state to take one or two pills per day based on your health care provider’s instructions. I do like that they encourage you to share the pills with your provider and get his or her opinion on the number you should take. This tells me that they are unconcerned with physician’s thinking the product is unhealthy. I am not yet sure of the effectiveness of the product as I believe it will take several weeks to see the full effect. I will say that the pills do not make me nervous or nauseated at all. I will continue to take these and see if my cognition improves.