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monSAV.com, spécialiste de l'extension de garantie et de la réparation sur internet - monSAV.com est le n°1 de la réparation et de l'extension de garantie des produits électroniques et de l'électroménager sur Internet. Votre demande de devis en ligne est gratuite et sans inscription. Profitez-en !

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  • Gary T. - Still great

    I have been using the H&R Block and its predecessor for many years. My taxes are pretty simple now, and could do on paper, by why? The s/w lets me import the previous year's data as a starting point, so I can have our basic data (address, filers,...) already filled in, which you can edit of course. I always purchase the Deluxe + State version as it includes federal, 1 state, and multiple federal e-files. It is great to e-file, as you can get a refund in a couple weeks or less. The s/w checks for missing data and values that seem out of whack. You can use the interview method, which ask questions to get the necessary data, which is what I use, or you can directly access the forms. The interview method is great as it fills in all the necessary forms for you. For those with small businesses, or rental properties, there is another version available.

  • Win2000 - Doesn't Work With My Two Speed AC

    I ordered this from Amazon with the anticipation of easily hooking it up...unfortunately, it doesn't work with my dual speed air conditioner. Spoke to the company and they said maybe in the near future they would make some changes so it will work. I would think that a company that puts themselves out there as very up to date on the technology would have a thermostat that would work on all kinds of AC handlers. Another company, Ecobee, has a smart WI-FI thermostat that can be connected to a two stage handler such as mine---if they can make one work that way I don't understand why NEST can't. Anyway, as far as coolness, the NEST is much cooler looking. For not being up to date on this technology, I give the product only 2 stars.

  • C. Cooper - Over 6 months later, and excellent for my purpose!

    I was not even concerned about having to shave my legs or underarms . . . or even the bikini line. I have - had - dark hair on my arms. It wasn't quite man-like, but it was enough to make me self-conscious. I had been using waxing strips for over 15 years. They worked, but I had to do the process about every 2 weeks to keep up with the new growth. It was messy and painful and time-consuming. I don't have any kind of hormonal problem, this was just a "gift" from my parents. I have an olive complexion, tan easily, and my hair was not thick but very dark.

  • Romie B Williams - It will make you a better developer

    I've been using Visual Studio products, including the express editions, for over 13 years and coding exclusively in C sharp for 9. Due to the availability of the express editions, the last version of Visual Studio I actually purchased was VS 2005 Standard, right here on Amazon.com, and I loved it then too! I would definately recommend this software to anyone who has even a moderate interest in application programming.

  • Nelson U. - This is amazing. Its like having Orlando universal studious at home

    This is amazing. Its like having Orlando universal studious at home. This thing is the real deal. People if you have the money. BUY IT!!!! you wont regret it. its really amazing. Easy setup. Not too many cables. Buy it and try the DEMO disc first so from there you can decide what games you like. And get BATMAN!!!!! only 20.00 and [email protected]#@# is amazing. hahaha enjoy....

  • Amazon Customer - Great case, Great protection

    It's a sleek case, not bulky at all, great build and has a great feel the hand. Good Moderate protection and is a case for people who want the phone to stay under the radar.