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  • Amazon Customer - System has one major flaw - leaving an entry point open (door/window) doesn't trigger any alerts via SMS, E-mail, or their APP.

    I like this system a lot. However, today I learned that if you arm the system in HOME or AWAY mode, but have a door or window open, the system warns you via the base station (hidden away per their recommendation) and the keypad. I OFTEN arm via the keyfob when I'm in the driveway or via their app or website. No alert comes that says "You left ____ open". Given that I get alerts for arming, disarming, low battery, etc. - this is absolutely unacceptable since they provide remote arming options.

  • Sewcrazy60 - AcuRite 613 Hunidity Monitor

    If you're looking for a nice looking, easy to read Humidity Monitor and don't care about accuracy, this is the unit to purchase. I bought two to keep track of humidity in different parts of homes I watch during the summer months in Florida. After installing new batteries in each, placing them next to each other over night, I had a temperature reading of each at exactly the same. The humidity between each other ranged from 4%-5% different. I contacted AcuRite about the humidity discrepancy and they said their units are guaranteed to be accurate between each other, up to 10%. If 10% is the best they can do, they need to get out of the humidity monitor department. If I knew these units were that inaccurate, I would never have bought them! I'll be looking for a more accurate company/model and purchase them. The old standard goes into effect here, "You Get What You Pay For". At $9.98 each and free shipping, I should have known better!

  • Amazon Customer - Visalus

    Great product. It really helps you lose weight I have been using it for about 6 months and I have dropped 50 pounds

  • Michael Moran - ... many other reviews that this charger is a total waste of money and time

    I also agree with many other reviews that this charger is a total waste of money and time. If you are reading this review please do yourself a favor and do not buy this product. I am going to try to get a refund because when I plug either of these chargers into my phone the phone just vibrates not stop because the charger cannot maintain a connection. The only way to use these chargers is to shut the phone off and charge it. It will charge (very slowly, but it will), or to leave the phone in another room where the incessant beeping doesn't distract/annoy you. Again, just avoid it all together.

  • My_View - Truly a waste of money

    Not only does this product fail in many levels, it causes hair discoloration and a feeling of physical sickness just applying small amounts. If you want to spend this much money, I suggest improving your diet, massage your scalp with an inexpensive oil such as Sesame, use gentle products, and give anything left over to someone in need.