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MidMichigan Health - MidMichigan Health - MidMichigan Health is a non-profit health system, affiliated with the University of Michigan Health System. Headquartered in Midland, Michigan, it covers a 20-county region with medical centers in Midland, Alma, Clare, Gladwin and now Alpena, plus urgent care, home care, nursing homes, physicians, medical offices and other specialty health services.

  • http://www.midmichigan.org/conditions-treatments/UrgentCare/about-wait-times.aspx About Wait Times - MidMichigan Health - Explains how Urgent Care Wait Times are updated and how to plan your visit to avoid peak hours.
  • http://www.midmichigan.org/ERorUC ER or Urgent Care - MidMichigan Health - Knowing the signs of heart attack and stroke can help you determine if you need ER or Urgent Care. MidMichigan Health can assist you on when to choose ER or Urgent Care.
  • http://www.midmichigan.org/careers/ Careers - MidMichigan Health - Careers, benefits, education opportunities and job openings for nurses, doctors, mid-level providers, health care workers and other job seekers in a variety of locations throughout the middle of Michigan. Also volunteer, intern, clinical and residency opportunities with MidMichigan Health.
  • http://www.midmichigan.org/careers/EducationOpportunities/ Education Opportunities - MidMichigan Health - MidMichigan Health is committed to health education. We demonstrate this commitment through a variety of programs that train employees, physicians, nurses, providers, medical students and the community, leading to excellent care.
  • http://www.midmichigan.org/about/ About - MidMichigan Health - MidMichigan Health is a non-profit health system, headquartered in Midland, Michigan, dedicated to providing quality, comprehensive health care throughout the middle of Michigan and beyond.
  • http://www.midmichigan.org/quality-safety/ Quality & Safety - MidMichigan Health - MidMichigan Health is a leader in high-quality care. We're making a measurable difference in the lives of our patients and the communities we serve.
  • http://www.midmichigan.org/mymidmichigan/ MyMidMichigan Manage Your Health Information Online - MidMichigan Health - MyMidmichigan gives you secure online access to your health information plus new ways to communicate with your participating provider's office.
  • http://www.midmichigan.org/doctors/ Find a Doctor - MidMichigan Health - This directory will search for physicians and other health care providers such as physician assistants, nurse practitioners, nurse midwives and psychologists affiliated with MidMichigan Health.
  • http://www.midmichigan.org/locations/ Locations & Phone - MidMichigan Health - Select a service or facility to find phone numbers, maps, driving directions, hours of operation, and other important contact information.
  • http://www.midmichigan.org/patientsvisitors/billing-insurance/billpay/ Pay My Bill -- Pay Medical Bills at MidMichigan Health - MidMichigan Health - Use our secure online bill pay tool to pay your medical bill at MidMichigan Health using a major credit card. Pay your hospital bill, EMS, physician office, Urgent Care, Home Care, Hospice or Home Medical Equipment bill.
  • http://www.midmichigan.org/conditions-treatments/health-risk-assessments/ Health Risk Assessments - MidMichigan Health - MidMichigan Health offers FREE 5 minute risk assessments in joint pain, heart health, breast health, colorectal health, healthy weight and peripheral artery disease. See if you are at risk.
  • http://www.midmichigan.org/patientsvisitors/visitor-information/gifts-greetings/e-cards/ E-Cards - MidMichigan Health - Let someone know you're thinking of them with a Cheer Card. They're free, available anytime and easy to customize. Send your card directly to a patient's email or have the hospital print & deliver your greeting.
  • http://www.midmichigan.org/about/donations Donations - MidMichigan Health - As a non-profit organization, MidMichigan Health is dedicated to fulfilling the area's medical needs and the needs of individuals referred to us for special care. Your donations enhance the care we provide by keeping us on the leading edge of technology and by holding costs down for our patients.
  • http://www.midmichigan.org/about/VolunteerOpportunities/ Volunteer Opportunities - MidMichigan Health - MidMichigan has more than 800 volunteers who enhance the care we provide by assisting our staff and by adding a personal touch that patients, residents and families really appreciate.
  • http://www.midmichigan.org/conditions-treatments/orthopaedics/speciality-programs/joint-camp/testimonials-joint-camp/joint-camp-helped-put-her-at-ease-for-surgery/ Joint Camp Helped Put Her At Ease For Surgery - MidMichigan Health - Evelyn Crabtree was prepared for her hip replacement. What she wasn’t prepared for was the number of people involved in her care before, during & after surgery.
  • http://www.midmichigan.org/conditions-treatments/weight-management/bariatric/testimonials/losing-weight-made-their-wonderful-lives-even-better/ Losing Weight Made their Wonderful Lives Even Better - MidMichigan Health - After years of failed diet programs, the Kalafut family found success via bariatric surgery at MidMichigan Health. Together, they lost more than 420 pounds.
  • http://www.midmichigan.org/conditions-treatments/woundcare/testimonials/non-traditional-therapy-heals-decade-old-wound/ Non-Traditional Therapy Heals Decade Old Wound - MidMichigan Health - After a few short months of intense, innovative and unusual treatments at the Wound Treatment Center, the wound that plagued Kevin for years has finally healed.
  • http://www.midmichigan.org/conditions-treatments/rehabilitation-services/specialized-services/cardiac-rehab/testimonials/regaining-strength-and-confidence/ Regaining Strength and Confidence Through Cardiac Rehab - MidMichigan Health - After recovering from triple bypass surgery and a pace maker, Bob LoFiego began cardiac rehab at MidMichigan Medical Center - Midland and has resumed his life.

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    Disclaimer: I'm marking this as 5 stars, but haven't used the vitamins. I just wanted to put a quick FYI on here that there is saw palmetto in this--I should have read the ingredients list more carefully before purchasing--which can negatively interact with some contraceptives, i.e., birth control pill. Since I'm on the pill and don't want to take a chance in rendering it ineffective, I'm not going to be taking these vitamins, but have a friend of mine who is interested in trying them out, so I'll give to her and have her update me on her take on them after she starts using them.

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    I purchased this for "boils" I got in my armpit's etc. My doctors had perscribed anti-biotics and washing with Betadine. None of this helped. Within 3 days of using Emuaid, the boils have healed and not recurring. I've been using for 1 week - no boils and the discoloration of the area is subsiding as well as the scarring.

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