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MIC-KEY Products | Halyard Health - Halyard is a leader in digestive health, providing MIC-KEY* and MIC* enteral feeding tube products and accessories to maintain nutritional well-being.

  • http://www.mic-key.com/about-enteral-feeding/ Enteral (Tube) Feeding: Another Healthful Way to Eat | MIC-KEY Products - Enteral feeding can make a vital difference by helping them stay nutritionally healthy and maintain a higher level of physical activity if desired.
  • http://www.mic-key.com/about-enteral-feeding/enteral-feeding-treatment-options/ Enteral Feeding Treatment Options | MIC-KEY Products - Halyard provides tube feeding products and accessories used by thousands of people to maintain nutritional well-being.
  • http://www.mic-key.com/stories Stories From MIC-KEY Feeding Tube Users | MIC-KEY Products - Like you, everyone who uses a feeding tube has a special story to tell. We hope you'll find inspiration in these stories of people living to the fullest with MIC-KEY* feeding tube nutritional support.
  • http://www.mic-key.com/patient-resources/reimbursement-information/ Reimbursement Information | MIC-KEY Products - Step-by-step information on how to file a Medicare, Medicaid, or commercial insurance claim.
  • http://www.mic-key.com/patient-resources/reference-card/ Personal Reference Card | MIC-KEY Products - Update this Personal Reference Card at every MIC-KEY* tube replacement. That way, you’ll always have current information at your fingertips.
  • http://www.mic-key.com/newsletter/ MIC-KEY Connections Newsletter | MIC-KEY Products - When you subscribe to MIC-KEY* Connections, you'll receive a monthly email chock full of helpful info. From tube tips and tricks to industry news and real stories, our articles are focused on helping you live your best life with your feeding tube.
  • http://www.mic-key.com/stories/tricia-melland/ Meet Tricia Melland | MIC-KEY Products - The MIC-KEY* tube has enabled Tricia to get back to her every day routines. The day after discharge from the hospital, Tricia was able to go back to school full-time.
  • http://www.mic-key.com/stories/samantha-pecoraro/ Meet Samantha Pecoraro | MIC-KEY Products - If you don't want people to know they don't have to know because it's hidden. The MIC-KEY* tube is very easy to maintain and keep clean.
  • http://www.mic-key.com/stories/paul-chambers/ Meet Paul Chambers | MIC-KEY Products - After three months with the PEG tube, Paul began researching other types of feeding tubes and discovered the MIC-KEY* Low-Profile Gastrostomy Feeding Tube.
  • http://www.mic-key.com/stories/george-foley/ Meet George Foley | MIC-KEY Products - George’s gastroenterologist recommended a percutaneous endoscopic gastrostomy (PEG) tube, but one of George’s six daughters, a special needs teacher was familiar with the MIC-KEY* Low-Profile Gastrostomy Feeding Tube through one of her students.

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  • johnandrews - Great so far

    This is very potent stuff. Think of it like medicine. It is sticky. It doesn't smell good. But it is medicine. It is filled with many fantastic ingredients. Perhaps if it were in a different base than castor oil. However, here's a tip to get the most out of this medicine. Mix it with your conditioner each time you use it. It mixes up fine and you won't get the smell. Leave it on your scalp for a few minutes. Rinse it out lightly. No problems.

  • Rhin0 - 5 Star Reviewers -- this was their only product review

    18 out of the 25 five-star reviewers had this as their only product review. Of the remaining 7, a few seemed legit, a few had only 1 other product review, one girl said she was in the commercial, and another girl had 6 pages of reviews but not a single amazon verified purchase.

  • Sandy Hall - Online should be better.

    Not formated as an online magazine. Other online mags are not just a copy of the print version but enhanced to make reading easy. Disappointing. Better Home and Gardens has it right. Cooking Light does not.

  • MsDFox - Nice.

    Turns easily. Nice fit to the hand. Fun to play because of the easy turning ability. You can quickly play without it sticking.

  • M&M - Works great

    I use this with my BOB and it worked great with my carseat. I used it when the weather was a little chilly and it was too cold for my daughter to sit in the actual stroller. I did run with it. It's about the same except the stroller is heavier.

  • tony - Doll

    It is great to keep collecting the holiday babrie but the doll is so cheaply made. It has become a total plastic doll not even a Barbie doll real doll. Looks real cheap for the collection

  • maya - Not that effective

    The product is just ok. This is for my grandma and did not see results after few weeks of using it.