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  • Snoopy - Book not in top shape

    I ordered this book to study for my upcoming tests/boards. For the amount of money you have to pay for a "new" book...you would think it would be in the best of shape. It doesn't mean it has to be in shrink wrap, but no bent or torn covers and pages would be a great start. Not too thrilled with the purchase as their are several torn pages and the covers have been bent; not even looks like anyone bothered to lay the cover back our flat after bending it. I've ordered several things from Amazon before and never had an issue until this last year with my purchases. Not sure what is going on with that. If you order a "new" item, then it should be "new" when you receive it and not look like someone has already had hay-day with it. Dissatisfied.

  • Milton Edy Martorella - Do not waste even a penny on the Hairmax!!!

    This product has only "one laser diode" split in 9 beams through a plastic mirror, in other words, the efficacy of this device is diminished by having this kind of disposition.

  • Abramov - great glue for fixing home/wood furniture

    really good glue that sticks very well to many surfaces as well as curtain plastics and wood. Had some items to fix at home that were falling apart and does exactly what it says it would do. Very strong expanding glue and fills all the cavity's when dry. Very messy in my opinion without any gloves NEED gloves when working with glue will make a bit of skin fall off.

  • big family - Wonderful stuff!!

    I use this on my baby when he's fussy and it works like a charm! I just put a drop on his pacifier and he loves it! Sometimes it takes up to 5 times of putting a drop on paci but he will settle down.