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  • Darren S. - Major issues with mobile controller app

    If you are planning to use your mobile device as your controller, be forewarned; there are major connection issues, at least with XBox One and the iOS version of the app. Read the reviews for the controller app in the App Store before purchasing. I will hold on to this in the hopes that they update the app and fix the issue. I will update my review if they do. The wife is very disappointed.

  • Viviana Nunez - I got my bootylicious back

    I purchased a few butt enhancement creams and IsoSensuals was the best. My butt is definitely plumper and rounder. I have always had a curvy plump butt but when I began body building my body shape has changed some. I like building my lower body because my legs become more shapely and strong. Unfortunately my thighs grew much bigger with muscle and my butt became a bit more boxy. My butt in result looked smaller with the contrast of having larger thighs. I like IsoSensuals because it did give me back some plumpness and roundness.

  • 50+ Years a Fan! - 50+ Years a Fan!

    I was 15 when this film was first shown, in 1951, and I have watched it as often as possible, ever since. Since the advent of home video machines, I have watched it every year, and not only at Christmastime. In my opinion, this production of A Christmas Carol is by far the best one ever done. The direction and casting were brilliant, the supporting cast was excellent, and Alastair Sim was/is the quintessential Scrooge. I doubt that anyone else could ever equal Sim's masterful portrayal, both subtle and powerful, poignent and moving. He truly brought Scrooge to life. Who could possibly forget the joyful awakening on Christmas morning? And, for that matter, who could forget actor Mervyn Johns' portrayal of Bob Cratchit, as he was greeted by Scrooge upon his late arrival at work the following morning? Perfect and priceless! A superb film!

  • Alice - Wide variety of humor

    This calendar is amusing with a wide variety of humor. This year is a slightly updated design, with a more modern and sleek look which is nice. They did away with the back pages, which is sad-- the quizzes and brainteasers were entertaining (though the lists for babysitters and what to buy on sale when were exceptionally lame). I would love to see them add separate entries for Saturday and Sunday.

  • Rashelle Jones - This banana slicer works great, but be careful!

    I purchased this banana slicer with innocent intentions. I simply wanted an easier way to slice bananas for my kids in the morning. I was sick and tired of the horrific hours spent painstakIngly slicing bananas one coin at a time.

  • Tina - didn't look good on me what so ever

    Ok here it is. I have been coloring my hair blond or brown for years. I was feeling adventurous, plus hubby wanted to see me in a darker color, big mistake. Died my hair black, didn't look good on me what so ever. So I bought this, well it didn't work on my hair at all. It took my roots to my normal color and left half way down a dark brown and my ends were still black. I went to my hair stylist to tell me they were not going to touch it for it would leave my hair all different shades. Save yourself the money and go to a salon.