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  • Anonymous - Best product for your aquarium!

    I have 6 tanks (2 10 Gallons, 1 20 gallon, a 5 gallon, 3 gallon and 30 gallon long plus a 55 that has yet to be set up). I use to only use API's Stress Coat, but after many water changes during the weeks, some of the fish tend to get sick. A friend of mine (who has a 55 gallon tank) suggested to use this product especially with my goldfish. All I can say about this product is WOW! The fish are well, the product helps fight off the ammonia, removes the chlorine and keeps the nitrites and Nitrates safe for the fish. 1 cap full works for up to 50 gallons (but because my tanks are smaller, only a little bit is required). My goldfish (who were raised from babies) are happy and healthy thanks to this product. The only problem with this product (if I had to say), is the smell as it does smell terrible. Other than that, I would recommend this product for any new aquarium hobbyist.

  • Kaye - An eye opener about misconception on surfing dark net

    I was curious about the title TOR and The Dark Net that is why i got this book. It is not about hacking or anything like that, it is simply avoiding NSA spying and become anonymous online.

  • L. Ng - Beware of fake reviews! Not recommended!

    EDIT: When I posted this negative review, I immediately received 3 "unhelpful votes". I believe it is from the sellers in an attempt to bury my negative review. If you indeed found my review helpful, please mark it "helpful" so that this review doesn't get lost.

  • SwordCat - good product

    this is a wonderful herb for getting over a cold-or in my case bronchitis quicker. I try not to take antibiotics and this is an alternative.

  • John A. Mosley - Great price, greater phone!

    My husband bought me this phone since our son broke my Galaxy Rush. I love it! Crisp, clean screen quality. Camera is only 5MP, but that's ok with me. My pictures look pretty sharp. I'm not a technology crazy zombie, but I do want something of great quality. I have small hands and this fits right in one palm. The S3 was just too big in my hands. I love it. Just can't say that enough. I also really like the white. It's a first for me, very attractive phone.

  • Rpack - Simple to use

    Difinetly would recommend Willmaker plus 2015. This is the second edition of Willmaker that I have used. It makes updating your will simple....However I still have a attorney who is a friend check over it......