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  • Alison - Great for the price, but a few problems

    This vacuum isn't like anything else I've looked at, and maybe it's not for everyone. I got it because I needed something light and maneuverable, mostly for our kitchen floors. We have birds and guinea pigs, so there is a fair amount of light litter -- bits of hay, bird seed, bits of chewed-up toys, wood shavings -- that gets tracked into the rest of the house if we don't get it up where it falls. The vacuum is light and maneuverable, making it much easier to get in tight spaces like under tables and between chair legs. The canister mode with the hose helps, also, in getting into tight spaces. The suction is really great so far. (We've had it about 2 weeks.) It has also done a great job on carpets, particularly our anti stress mat in the kitchen, where the light foam material was damaged by our other vacuum. The adjustable vacuum strength helps with area rugs and mats. Overall, it is getting the floors cleaner than any other vacuum we've had and with a lot less effort.

  • C. M. Morgan - I've learned the hard way that sets like these are a waste

    These are just serrated average quality knives. I've learned the hard way that sets like these are a waste. Blades are flimsy and handles are cheap. Can they cut leather an concrete? Yep, but so can cheap serrated blades from Walmart. Cutco knives are useless for slicing and food prep because they're simply saws. Regardless of guarantees, you'll be better off buying new serrated knives over the years. What everyone really needs to get by in a kitchen: 1 high quality chef's knife (victorianox and wustof get great ratings), one paring knife, one bread knife. I have had my wustof chef's knife for 10 years and have never sharpened it. Learn how to use a knife and buy what you'll use, not what someone wants to sell.