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Homenagem a José Mariano Gago - Este sítio da internet surge no âmbito de um movimento espontâneo da comunidade científica em Portugal.Partilhe um testemunho sobre José Mariano Gago e o seu legado para o desenvolvimento do conhecimento, da ciência e tecnologia e da cultura científica na nossa sociedade.Se tem fotografias que nos mostram como foi a acção de José Mariano Gago, memórias que queira partilhar, simples frases que melhor ajudem a documentar o seu legado de pensador e humanista, não hesite em partilhar todo esse material aqui.

Country:, Europe, PT

City: -9.1394 , Portugal

  • Danny Penn - After Using Kaspersky Internet Security for Several Years - It's Still Five Stars

    Over the years, I used several various brands of security software, but I’ve been using Kaspersky Internet Security for the last few years now. I remain quite satisfied, and I’ve installed this product on several friend’s computers. Everyone seems to like it. I’ve heard no complaints.

  • Michael J. Miller - This is really a good value. I left my high priced Braun electric ...

    This is really a good value. I left my high priced Braun electric razor somewhere and needed a short term replacement. So, I was used to the best, but needed something to get me by for a few days. This razor does what it is represented to do and maybe better. I have a challenging beard, but this really got the job done. It has its shortcoming compared to my high priced razor, but value is there (performance relative to cost). If your expectations are too high either buy a high priced razor or grow a beard. But, if you want expediency, this is the razor for you. It's a little bit like mowing your yard with a mechanical law mower. You may have to go over the rough spots several times, but you'll get there.

  • S.C. - Snake oil

    I have taken one bottle with no effects. has helped with no pain as the commercial suggest. If they get you one time they have succeded in making thier $$$$. dont fall for it like i did. If it is the fish oil you need......go get it from CVS, its alot cheaper.

  • curlycat61 - Weather Tech was a huge disappointment!

    WEATHER TECH floormats ordered for 2007 Honda Pilot were a poor fit and the company would not accept a return! Every time I watch the cool commercial showing a tight "laser" fit, I get angry! I am saddest not for my money loss, but because they advertise as American made!! I had high hopes but there was an inch gap all around the edges of the mats! I continued to use the Honda issue mats in favor of the weather tech, the fit was that bad, despite that the company wouldn't allow a return! I am just now posting this review because we traded our '07 PILOT for a '15 CRV (The Honda Pilot was an excellent vehicle!) I have no idea about the current policy for returns at weather tech but they will never not ever get me to try another order! By the way, the new CRV's come with an optional floor mat set that is rubber, and fits incredibly snugly! I recommend them!

  • Dan Seguin - Comprehensive, effective, great tool set for pros

    As an IT consultant, this is currently on my highly-recommend list to my customers. Easy install, though runtime options are a bit confusing and navigation/structure and placement of tools on UI could be improved. But, as for ability to keep a system clear of infection (even zero-day) and the ease of one-time setup and rock-solid stability over subscription life, it beats mcafee hands-down.

  • E. B. Shelton - alternative to RX for allergies

    After a loading dose of D-Hist, I was able to cut back to two in the morning and my allergies have been under control. I used to be miserable in the Spring even on the pharmacy products for allergies. Benadryl is the only thing that really works and that puts me out so not usable in the daytime. Ortho Molecular Natural D-Hist really works.

  • drupeer - Authentic as far as I can tell

    I was worried about the reviews claiming that these shades were fakes, so I ordered it from both Amazon and the official Ray-Ban store (which was nearly 2x the price) to compare. When I looked at the 2 sunglasses side-by-side, as far as my (relatively untrained) eye could tell, there were no differences - whether in the material, the logos, the weight, etc. The cases that the sunglasses came in appeared to be the same as well, except for a difference in color - Amazon gave me a black case while the Ray-Ban store gave me a brown case.