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Mission Viejo Chiropractor, Dr. David Manago | Manago Chiropractic - Doctor of chiropractic, David Manago, has treated tens of thousands of chiropractic patients since 1984. Manago Chiropractic solves all kinds of problems. We use gentle Chiropractic techniques, always, to get you out of pain and on with life.

  • http://www.managochiropractic.com/services/ Services - Manago Chiropractic - At Manago Chiropractic, we've formed a team of medical professionals that can offer integrative treatment options to patients in the Mission Viejo, California area.
  • http://www.managochiropractic.com/services/chiropractor/ Chiropractic Care - Manago Chiropractic - Manago Chiropractic in Mission Viejo has an excellent medical team including experienced chiropractors that can help you reduce acute & chronic pain, restore spinal health.
  • http://www.managochiropractic.com/services/massage-therapy/ Massage Therapy - Manago Chiropractic - A massage isn’t just a way to pamper muscles affected by everyday stress. A few targeted sessions in Mission Viejo at Manago Chiropractic could have fantastic results for individuals suffering from a range of nerve complaints and muscle issues.
  • http://www.managochiropractic.com/services/supervised-weight-loss/ Supervised Weight Loss - Manago Chiropractic - Losing weight on your own can seem impossible. Let the Manago Chiropractic team of experts help today! By slimming down and effectively managing your weight, you can increase the quality of your life and have fewer health problems.
  • http://www.managochiropractic.com/services/nutritional-assessment/ Nutritional Assessment - Manago Chiropractic - Eat foods that make you feel energetic rather than fatigued by learning about your body's needs with our professional nutritional assessment service at Manago Chiropractic in Mission Viejo.
  • http://www.managochiropractic.com/services/trigger-point-therapy/ Trigger Point Therapy - Manago Chiropractic - Find out if your symptoms are arising due to trigger points and how in can quickly relax them with trigger point therapy.
  • http://www.managochiropractic.com/services/neuropathy/ Neuropathy Treatment - Manago Chiropractic - If you suffer from symptoms associated with neuropathy, don’t hesitate to benefit from your free consultation at in today! Superbly trained chiropractors and medical personnel are ready to identify the cause of your neuropathy and elaborate an individual treatment strategy that incorporates non-invasive, drug-free therapies, correction of the underlying medical problem and professional nutritional and lifestyle advice.
  • http://www.managochiropractic.com/services/auto-injury-clinic-assessment-treatment/ Auto Injury Clinic - Assessment & Treatment - Manago Chiropractic - Seeking treatment at an auto injury clinic can relieve the soreness of a minor fender bender or solve massive injuries caused by a head on collision.
  • http://www.managochiropractic.com/services/non-invasive-disc-rehabilitation/ Non-Invasive Disc Rehabilitation - Manago Chiropractic - Seeking physical medicine & rehabilitation from at our convenient office can help to get you back on your feet as quickly as possible after an injury.
  • http://www.managochiropractic.com/services/whole-body-vibration/ Whole Body Vibration - Manago Chiropractic - If you are interested in exploring the new trend of vibration exercises, let the medical experts at Manago Chiropractic administer this treatment for proper pain relief.
  • http://www.managochiropractic.com/services/pain-management/ Non-Narcotic Pain Management - Manago Chiropractic - Regardless of the root cause of your chronic pain, the team at will seek to find a non-surgical way to improve your way of life. Avoid the use of narcotic pain medication with massage, electrical therapy, and many other options.
  • http://www.managochiropractic.com/conditions/ Conditions - Manago Chiropractic - At Manago Chiropractic in Mission Viejo we treat a variety of conditions. Contact us for a free consultation today!
  • http://www.managochiropractic.com/conditions/ankle-foot-pain/ Ankle & Foot Pain - Manago Chiropractic - The causes for foot pain are numerous, but so are the treatment options. Try something new to eliminate an old ache that you just can't shake.
  • http://www.managochiropractic.com/conditions/arthritis/ Arthritis - Manago Chiropractic - Arthritis is a common complaint, but it doesn't require strong medications in every case. Find out if you can find relief through other treatments.
  • http://www.managochiropractic.com/conditions/back-pain/ Back Pain - Manago Chiropractic - Back pain is one of the most common health complaints in America. Learn what you can do right now to relieve it or prevent it from ruining your day.
  • http://www.managochiropractic.com/conditions/back-pain-during-pregnancy/ Back Pain During Pregnancy - Manago Chiropractic - Don't let the back pain pregnancy often causes slow you down. Stay active during your nine month term by seeking advice and help from our team.
  • http://www.managochiropractic.com/conditions/bulging-herniated-disc/ Bulging / Herniated Disc - Manago Chiropractic - A herniated disc can lurk in your back like a time bomb. If you suspect an injury has left you weakened, let us examine your spine and spot weak points.
  • http://www.managochiropractic.com/conditions/bursitis/ Bursitis - Manago Chiropractic - If you develop joint pain every time you get active, consider the possibility of bursitis. Learn the symptoms and the best treatment options.
  • http://www.managochiropractic.com/conditions/carpal-tunnel/ Carpal Tunnel - Manago Chiropractic - Carpal tunnel is seen as an inevitable injury for desk bound workers. However, there are many ways to prevent and treat this common complaint.
  • http://www.managochiropractic.com/conditions/chronic-pain/ Chronic Pain - Manago Chiropractic - Over 100 million people experience chronic pain at some point each year. If you are part of that group, seek treatment today to stop the pain.
  • http://www.managochiropractic.com/conditions/dizziness/ Dizziness - Manago Chiropractic - Recover from the occasional period of dizziness by seeking conservative treatments. Your symptoms could be linked to spinal issues or food allergies.
  • http://www.managochiropractic.com/conditions/fatigue/ Fatigue - Manago Chiropractic - Fatigue can come as a symptom when any number of health problems strikes. Get proactive and stop low energy issues within the first few weeks.
  • http://www.managochiropractic.com/conditions/headaches/ Headaches - Manago Chiropractic - With today's busy lifestyles, headaches are more prevalent than ever. Take the time to treat them properly or you could risk unpleasant side effects.
  • http://www.managochiropractic.com/conditions/migraine-headaches/ Migraine Headaches - Manago Chiropractic - Putting an end to your migraine headaches may only require one small change. Invest in alternative treatments to avoid side effects as well.
  • http://www.managochiropractic.com/conditions/iliotibial-band-syndrome/ Iliotibial Band Syndrome - Manago Chiropractic - Get the facts about the common runner's ailment known as iliotibial band syndrome. Protect your health while getting fit with chiropractic care.
  • http://www.managochiropractic.com/conditions/knee-pain/ Knee Pain - Manago Chiropractic - Why should knee pain stop you from enjoying life? Walk and run without irritation by investing in treatments that heal your major joints.

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